The first time I really felt the magic of co-creation

Ok. I live in Cincinnati. We haven’t had a trip to the Super Bowl since I was in like middle school. I think it was 1988, if I am not mistaken. I remember watching it with my youth group from church at my friend’s Robin’s house. Big screen TV’s had just started coming out and her dad loved football. They were the only family in our youth group with a big screen TV. Robin’s parents decided to invite us over for the game. The Bengals lost.

So here in Cincinnati, we’re getting hungry. We’re starving tigers up in here. We are ready to devour a Super Bowl win the next time we get there. We’ve been malnourished for a long time coming now. We’re ready for it. The energy is building big time here in the ‘Nati. I’m thinking we’re going to go all the way in the next coming season. I cannot WAIT for football this year. I’m such a big fan. Andy Dalton, if you’re reading this…if we weren’t both married already, I’d swear we were soulmates. Boom shaka laka, if you know what I’m saying ladies. There’s something about that man. That boyish smile and his appreciation and gratitude that he shares openly for being blessed as he is. He gives back to the community too and seems to be a man of integrity. That’s the whole package, ladies. What a catch for his wife. I’m sure she’s equally as charming and lovely. I wish them infinite happiness and blessings. I’m just admiring from afar, Mrs. Dalton! 🙂

So, back to the story. It was the first game of the season last year. It may have even been a preseason game. The Bengals had just banned the “black out rule” so I could even watch home games if they were not sold out. This brings me to the problem I ran into at home. We had recently “cut the cable” and and gone down to only internet service and streaming Netflix through the Roku. The television we had at that point in time didn’t pick up any local channels. Shit. How was I supposed to watch the game now??? I threw on my orange and black and headed down the street to the local bowling alley. I had wanted to get comfy on kick back on the couch and watch the game at home, but that wasn’t going to happen. My husband hates football. Good lord. How did I get into this mess? He played me while we were dating. All of that shit was a scam, sitting there watching the games with me like he actually liked it!! Men don’t do that kind of stuff do they? Oh no. Never.

I wasn’t missing the game. He wouldn’t go to the alley with me and watch. I was initially mad at him for this. Remember, my co-creative friends, everything happens for a reason. Like I said, I went to the bowling alley and parked myself at the bar. No one else was there. I had the bar to myself. That was kind of disappointing, but none the less, I didn’t like people talking smack around me either, so again, a good thing. I drank a few tall craft beers from the draft since the bowling alley had been finally partaking in the craft beer scene. I was happy. I had my Bengals, peace and quiet, and good cold beer. Life was good.

Then it happened. The Bengals had scored, but they were behind. They got way behind. This was the point where you would normally say,”this is done. We have lost this game now for sure” and you would relax into that outcome, and it would unfold for you. As if you were psychic. It manifested. The Bengals were like three touchdowns behind or something crazy like that and I think we were just starting the fourth quarter. I was buzzed and I wasn’t ready to give up on them. I slammed my fist down (in my mind’s eye, lol) and decided we were not giving up. We were going to win this game because I had seen teams come back from worse before.

This is when shit got weird and I started to wonder if I was co-creating this game along side the Universe. I was definitely in an altered state, that’s for sure. I had just decided. I knew ,and I engaged and locked down on the indisputable fact that the Bengals were going to win this fucking game. No matter what happened on every single play, I decided it was bringing us closer to that win. They scored. They scored again. By this time, the fair weather fans were trickling up to the bar to watch the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. You know why? It was happening. It was manifesting. I locked down on that possibility and that possibility alone. The Bengals were going to WIN. They scored until we were tied and went into overtime. This was incredible. There was no way we were losing this after working to hard to get where we were. This game belonged to us. I had faith.

People were gathering and talking smack. “Aww they’ll fuck it…”I blocked the negativity. I wasn’t having it. This was OUR game. I deflected all the little sparks of negativity that were shooting out of the mouths of babes that surrounded me. “They just don’t know what I know,” I thought. They don’t believe in using your energy and imagination for creating positive results instead of using it to worry and create negative results. What you think, is what you become and all that good stuff. You guys know what I’m talking about!!!

Guess what. The Bengals won. Every game I watched from that point on, I engaged with it exactly that way every single time. I think we got to 9-0 before we lost our next game. I had to work a brunch shift at work and I din’t get to watch the game, so I was mad at the world. Of course, that day, they lost. Coincidence? I think not. I think that in my little bubble, believing it made it manifest. We played well and got to the first game of the playoffs, but I had to work that night too. Bummer. We lost. This year, I took Sundays off. Let’s see if the Bengals can’t pull one out of the old magic hat this year, shall we?? I have complete faith in them and that’s all it takes apparently. t

Here’s a great video reference to Will Smith telling everyone about locking down or deciding on a result that you want. He talks openly and freely about Law of Attraction, co-creation, and the art of alchemy. Just go to YouTube and type in Will Smith Law of Attraction and tons of videos come up. He has a few nice interviews where he initiates the conversation and directs it into co-creation.


Happy creating everyone!!!


Photo by Paul Carmona on Unsplash


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