A whole new world…cue the dick!

They agreed quite easily when i was 16 to stop worrying 24/7 about the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy for them. They decided I would go on the pill. I said fuck it. Let’s test this bitch out. I fucked quite freely and without worry after that. Although i was quite offended and threw a bit crying fit when they decided to put me on the pill. I was hurt and taken aback by this because I was a virgin. I just couldn’t grasp why they had such a hard time trusting me. They had already scared the dog shit out of me by telling me how horrible childbirth was and how hard kids made your life. Dick just wasn’t worth all the trouble to me. They did a hell of job putting the fear of God into me about touching dick ever. I hadn’t ever had it, and I didn’t know what I was missing and I think I could pretty much do without it after the daily dose of programming that I got about how much damage dick could do to your life. Fuck dick. I had no interest in it. I could do without dick. I was kind of an ugly duckling anyway. Well, until I got to high school, i dropped the baby fat, got the braces and headgear off, and dick just started coming around. Dick was after me. Dick was following me around. Sniffing, digging, wanting…Fuck dick. Dick ruined lives. Dick wasn’t gonna ruin my life! I already knew what dick was capable of. My parents told me dick and everything that came along with it, ruined lives. But then that Golden Ticket came. The Pill. Thanks for the permission slip, parental units. Dick was my friend after all. Cue the music….A whole new world.



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