Infinite Possibilities and Magic…same exact thing!

So today, I’m really goin’ out there on a limb. I’m putting my ideas out there and I hope it encourages you to share your ideas, no matter how “out there” they seem. After all, us LightWorkers are placed here for exactly that reason. To expand consciousness. To share and explore infinite possibilities.

That brings me to today’s topic. Infinite possibilities. Ok pair that up with the belief that we live in a hologram, a matrix. Where we are programming our “future” with the beliefs and intentions and focus of this very moment. The Now. What we believe right now is creating what we experience in the next moment that we label “now” once we get to that moment.

So, let’s say that this is the way we choose to believe. We choose to adopt this whole new belief system and we start to let go of that old conditioning, because we have to, this can change. Reality can change. But let’s look at this for a moment. When we decide to do this, we MUST start letting go of reality as we are used to it being. Let’s try a visual. Let’s say you are running from lions and you come to a cliff side. You look down, it’s way too far to survive if you tried to jump to safety on the ground. You can’t go any farther and the lions are coming. They’re not far, and they’re tearing through the jungle on their way to make you their lunch. You take one last look around and you notice a thick vine hanging over the canyon from the branch of a giant tree. It’s plenty long enough to use to swing to the other side of the canyon. If you could only muster the bravery to make that long jump out there to it, you might be able to live! It’s your only chance of escape and you don’t have a lot of time to gather your courage. You must focus. You must believe. You MUST make this happen. There’s no other alternative. You have to let go of any other doubt. You must let go of fear. You can hear the leaves of the plants giving way to the lions, they are really close now. In this moment, when you are feeling so alive and have that confidence that you MUST do this in order to survive, you find that Light inside, that FIRE, that FLAME. In these last moments as you hear the lions approaching from only a few yards behind you, you DECIDE. You CHOOSE. You BELIEVE. I CAN DO THIS. I WILL SURVIVE. I HAVE FAITH. I WILL LIVE!!! And you take that leap of faith! You feel yourself flying through mid air and wonder for a flash of a second if you can make it, but before that thought can grab hold, you already feel the vine in your hands and you’re using all that momentum to get to a new world. A place of safety and of peace.

You were just forced to expand your consciousness. To believe in yourself, in a new way. You get a rush of endorphins and confidence and happiness. Gratitude to be alive. That’s what believing in new expanded ideas feels like. Especially when you believe something is going to happen and then it does! It makes you start to feel powerful and right. You feel like you know something the next guy doesn’t, and you DO. You’re throwing out the old way of thinking. The way Newtonian physics told us things work. Well, now folks are finally starting to use quantum physics in creating their own desired results in their lives. We decide it all. Yep. Even the stuff you think is bad. But guess what! It brought you here in this moment reading this article, to an author who believes the same things that you do. A fellow human being, and friend. You’re not crazy for believing what you believe. It’s real. All of it. Quantum physics, magic, infinite possibilities, parallel universes, co-creation, metaphysics, wizardry, the unified field, God, Allah, Buddha,…whatever you want to call it, it’s real. It’s not only real. It’s part of you. You came here to create your own experience.

This is a dimension where atoms slow down enough to come together and APPEAR to be solid. But when you look at an atom close up, it’s made up of empty space. The very tiniest pieces of matter that make up chairs, clothes, people, animals, is predominately empty space!! We’re energy. We can decide what that energy looks and feels like, tastes like, smells like and sounds like based on our beliefs. It manifests in this dimension exactly as we believe it to be! Now when we jump off of that cliff to grab that rope to swing to the other side, we’re not going to look back and say,”gee I wonder how those lions are doing. I wonder what would have happened if I would have jumped down into the canyon. Maybe I should try that again just so I can really believe it was me that made that thing happen that I never believed I could ever do…” Hell, no. We drop that old shit like a hot rock! We are different now. Something shifted in us forever. We can never go back to the old way of thinking. We can’t un-know what we know now! This World, our Planet, has already passed the Zero Point. There’s no turning back. We’re headed for a New Earth, and it’s happening now. It’s time to let go of the old you and accept and love and SHARE your new re-born self.

Expect miracles and watch your grid fill in with them. I just decided to take my beliefs to the next level and I am going to share my results with you as I go.


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