I went off on a “Quantum physicist” today…

Pam Oslie tells us how easy it is to create our own reality using parallel universes. This is one way to create inside the Matrix. You can use infinite possibilities as a a substitute for what she wanted. She used the example of getting the man she wanted that in the beginning she thought did not want her. She turned it all around by using the creative forces of the universe. Her co-creative abilities.

Man is created in the image of God, and like Jesus, the Son of God, I believe we are able to do much more than we think we can. We just have to let go of everything we have ever been taught before now. I believe the Second Coming is the revealing of Christ Consciousness. Which is the revealing of this knowledge that we can create whatever we want in our lives. Financial freedom, a soulmate, a beautiful home, and above all the freedom of not having to WORK for someone else.

One day I looked up apocalypse for the definition of it. I scrolled down the page to the root origin of the word and BAM. There it was. The original root origin of apocalypse is “to uncover, or reveal,” and then I looked up occult for the same reason and the root origin of that word was “conceal, to cover, to hide or hidden.”

Hmmm…sounds fishy to me. Someone doesn’t want us to know something about how this universe REALLY works. If you want to read my RANT I will copy and paste it here, but I really let ’em have it in the comments section of the YouTube video I linked you to above. My name on YouTube is ShareYourAbundance…you can go check it out but here it is. There was someone claiming to work in the field of Quantum physics by the name of Day of Awesomeness and they really got my fire sparked about telling people the truth. he’s probably a janitor saying he’s in the field. We don’t know what people are saying for real. but you will crap when you see me going off the handle, and here’s a copy of it if you don’t feel like watching Pam’s video telling you word for word how co-creation works. The video was recently flagged as not falling within the guidelines of having scientific proof. It wasn’t flagged the last time I watched it. That just simply means you must follow what your heart tells you which is what we empaths do anyway. Here come the passion boiling over from my soul:

So what’s up with the Measurement Problem then? Why can’t you measure an atom unless you’re observing it? Oh that’s right…because it behaves as a particle until it is OBSERVED. The act of observing something CREATES the Universe. nothing exists without an observer. Atoms are not solid. They’re in a wave form until our senses and our minds turn it into a particle. Something solid that we think is real. It’s all just electrical impulses that are translated by our brain. Consciousness is a huge hologram/matrix. It’s all in wave form until we observe it, therefore if a tree falls in the woods, IT DOES NOT MAKE A SOUND. THERE IS NO FUCKING TREE. Quit lying to society, retards. We know the truth now. We’re literally CREATING our own reality in the NOW, the present moment. It’s all an illusion. People DON”T have to suffer anymore. Being in the field of quantum physics Day of Awesomeness, you should have heard of the DOUBLE SLIT experiment. Everything is in the form of a wave and behaves like a wave (infinite possibilities) UNTIL IT IS FUCKING OBSERVED. THEN IT COLLAPSES INTO A PARTICLE AND BEHAVES LIKE A FUCKING PARTICLE. THE GIG IS UP. People, watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7p5xHD0Bhk Quantum physicists are too worried about losing their precious jobs to tell you the truth. Their families depend on that income for all the material things that they’ve grown accustomed to having. They’re too scared to talk about the truth or even utilize it in their OWN lives because they’ve spent their whole lives doing what everyone else has told them to do. They are so conditioned they can’t even stand up for what’s right and what they know to be true! That’s why you will likely NEVER see a quantum physicist AGREE with this. They’re pu$$ies. it takes someone who does not live their life out of fear to tell you the TRUTH about reality. The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction are REAL, and it never stops whether you believe in it or not! The Law of Attraction IS equal to and is the SAME fucking thing as Quantum Physics. The mystical is is being proven not-so-mystical anymore. It’s just the fucking way the Universe works. Wouldn’t you want to improve your life if you can? Doesn’t something TELL you in your gut that there is more to life than being someone’s bitch behind a desk for your entire life? You can be FREE from the bonds of having a boss and all your dreams can come true! You can CREATE them yourself. Everything you need is inside you RIGHT NOW. It’s this garbage programming and conditioning that you have been led around with by your noses all your life! Quit letting other people tell you what to fucking believe. Believe what your heart tells you. There’s a reason that less than 1% of the population makes 96% of all the income earned in this fucking country. They know this is REAL. You’re in a fucking matrix. Create something beautiful and loving and follow your heart to complete freedom!! You can work from home. Screw helping someone else make all their dreams come true. You deserve to know the Truth and you will start living it! It’s already all over and infesting everything everywhere. The veils are being lifted, and all you assholes who have known the truth but are too scared to talk about it, out of fear that you’re going to lose everything…guess what? You’re still going to lose everything because you’re creating your reality out of an emotional state of FEAR and you will attract everything that you’re afraid of…you’re going to lose EVERYTHING ANYWAY as the system cracks and people realize they can heal themselves and they don’t need your garbage placebos anymore, that you have been selling us for decades. The pill goes in and all the healing happens in OUR MINDS. When people realize science has proven it all. YOU”RE DONE. Wake up everyone. These folks have been stealing your hard earned money for too long now. You deserve to know the Truth. Do your own research. What you believe in this matrix is EXACTLY what you will get. It’s all about our minds. That’s why you’ve been programmed by the television (telling LIES to your vision) telling you that you need this and you need that to feel better to live better. The mind controlling days are over. Even if ONE fucking person goes on to research this, please God I hope all of you do, because you deserve a better and easier life, then I am so happy. Live from love and passion. Don’t be fooled by people who say they KNOW quantum physics. The internet connects us all to the truth now. People ALL OVER the globe know about this now. These people are the minority now. Evolution is happening to people who believe and follow the Truth. It’s the Apocalypse all right. If you look up Apocalypse the root origin of the word actually means “uncover, to reveal.” Have fun exploring the Truth. It’s been right here under your hard working noses all this time…. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/apocalypse if you wish to follow my blog, go here: https://missysstory.wordpress.com/

Love you guys. I want people to know the Truth because we don’t have to suffer anymore!!!What an exciting time to live in!!! I’m a spiritual gansta bitch. That’s for sure!

Love and Light!!



Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash



  1. It is possible to find support for that ‘we create’ reality… the problem in science/physics is to find consensus and this is so also as we explore our understanding individual to individual. Even though laws of physics support us at developing theories about many worlds, the observer effect, and so on, scientists will continue to in time follow their protocols and work within their specialty areas. This oughtn’t be frustrating, be met with resentfulness, or raise resentments. We reap what we sow.

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