Can our dreams really come true?

This morning I woke up at 6:15 to help Brian out the door to work. I always go back and sleep a little longer since I am, after all, the Queen of Sleeping In. I love when I am scheduled night shifts at work. I get to have my beauty sleep! I mean, who doesn’t like sleeping in as an adult. I bartended for eighteen years and I always like teasing the nine to fiver’s.

Anyhow, I read somewhere a long time ago that Native American folks would on purposely wake up for a short time, then go right back to sleep, and do you know why? The article said it was easier for them to not only dream after waking up for a short time, but it was also easier for them to remember their entire dream. They used this method for gathering information. They considered dreams to have prophetic value and that Spirit communicated with them through their dreams to tell them what was to come.

Being the person that I am, I believe they were right. I believe that when you know something to be true, then it IS true for you. This is what the Indians believed so it’s exactly what they experienced and received.

I believe dreams are stories maybe coming in from other dimensions. I believe they are really happening somewhere in the Universe because I believe in infinite possibilities.  We’re just receiving or even connecting with that other possibility when we surrender to the void. The nothingness that we enter when we lay down to sleep at night.  I believe you can set your intention before going to sleep and proclaim that you will only accept dreams that are of a positive, enlightening energy. Otherwise, you should be prepared for anything.

I never have set an intention for protection from negative dreams while sleeping, so sometimes I wake up having had a nightmare, AKA a “bad” dream. Sometimes “bad” dreams help us clear old beliefs and negative emotions. They help us process grief or being mad at someone. Who knows? But they happen for a reason.

The point of my story is today I had another really weird, darker feeling dream when I went back to sleep. I know the Native Americans were right about recalling dreams after waking up for a while. I had a downright adventure today. I was asleep for three hours and it felt like a couple days in my dream. Time acts weird in dreams too for me. I was well rested after waking, to say the least, but the content of my dream left me lying there to process it for a while before I could get up. I mean it was downright scary.

I did not feel as though it was prophesy, but it had so much detail, including the gore, that I thought I might be receiving some kind of inspiration for a book. I have been programming myself for about five years now that I was going to write a New York Times best selling book. But this seemed against everything that I believe in though. I mean this was DARK. For someone like me who thoroughly enjoys writing about positive metaphysical material, I was resistant to the possibility that this was something I wanted to share with my beloved global friends and family. It’s just not my style/genre. I don’t even write fiction! Ah, but I remained open and receptive to thoughts that could explain WHY I might want to pursue writing a fiction work. You know, maybe there was a BIGGER reason that I could not grasp in a resistant state of being. I vowed to stay open to the idea. That an answer would come.

So I headed down to New Attitudes hair salon to see if Katie was in. I am in desperate need of a haircut. I was still waiting for my answer as I booked my cut for Friday. That’s TWO days away! OMG. I’m gonna cut it all off myself. Just shave myself bald before Friday gets here, LOL.

It’s not a question of whether or not I can write this book, I know I can. I just needed the why to be answered before I could bring myself to such a dark place creatively.

As I pulled into Gold Star Chili for my yummy Chili Salad, I finally received a thought as to WHY writing something so bad might benefit society. Here’s why I think it would be good. I have recently come to the conclusion that whatever you choose to be true in your life becomes the reason why something exists and persists in your life for real. It becomes your reality. Well, this dream was very apocalyptic in nature. I couldn’t figure out why I would want to project this thought into the giant one mind of society. I think it would be to counteract something that has been the topic of conspiracy on YouTube and on many spiritual Facebook groups. I think it will help dissolve some of the belief in this particular conspiracy topic if someone created a book and/or a movie about the subject at hand. I believe most of America is still what we call asleep. They still consider everything in the movies to be fiction. Might as well be garbage, they blow it off just as made up as Barbie & Ken.

That’s exactly what needs to be done with this conspiracy. It needs to be chalked up as garbage so people can let go of the fear of it. We have to stop giving this our power. We don’t want this catching on and gathering momentum because whatever we hold focus on becomes true. This one has to go. Oh and I am sure I will have the people who demand that this conspiracy is true and that it’s not made up. But see, they are allowed to have that experience if they so choose, but the last thing we need is the mainstream public really taking heed to this belief. If they do, we’d have a lot more work cut out for us reversing that belief than never letting it take hold in the first place. Right?

Resolve to evolve. Let’s go forward with The Light from here, by simply letting go of the dark. We don’t have to scare people into believing something is possible even if it IS true. All we have to do is show them anything they DREAM OF is possible. In a loving manner, turn their heads in a positive direction. Believing in something matters, but it’s the e-motion behind it (energy in motion) and intention behind it that counts. Believing things of a negative nature is only sending our energy in the WRONG direction vibrationally speaking. See what I’m saying?

So my thought is this. Let’s take these conspiracy theories and turn them into fiction. Right on the big screen for all to see. Then maybe we can put this waste of energy to rest once and for all.

Loving you all!





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