My journey with Law of Attraction

I always enjoyed and was interested in all things psychic. I had a lot of cool experiences tapping into what I call the super-concioussness. I mean, we’re always connected, it’s just a metter of sitting down and focusing on getting a result. If you are open to receiving without fear, you can get answers about anything you want. If you’re wondering why I stopped, here’s why.

My marriage was falling apart. After I separated from my ex husband, he tried to get me committed to a psych ward by any means necessary. He called everyone and and every hospital and doctor that he could trying to find the means to do it by telling them I was talking to dead people, channeling, that I thought I could remote view and all kinds of other things that I did, in fact do, and I did it successfully. I had some wild experiences. So did he, but that’s exactly what scared him. I got scared too, though. Things I was saying were freaking us out, and shocking my friends too. So between him telling everyone that I was crazy and me thinking it, along with the stigma that I still had about using psychic abilities, I just quit everything. I grew up in a house where those things were still considered the devil’s work. Plus my mom was schizophrenic and I did not want to end up in a psych ward like her. So I stopped. It was many years later before I allowed myself to start following my own interests again. The Secret and What the Bleep came out shortly afterward, but I did not watch it until years later.

After watching those two movies, I found Abraham-Hicks on YouTube. I became a spiritual crackhead. They were teaching law of attraction to people. I mean, you had to believe in magic for this to be real for you!  I already believed. I had enough confirmation in my past to latch onto the Law of Attraction. One night about 3:00 a.m. I had an epiphany. I typed “gifts of the Holy Spirit and psychic ability” into Google. I wondered if psychic ability was the same as “catching the Holy Spirit.” I grew up Christian with a splash and dash of Pentecostal mixed in. I started realizing the Law of Attraction was a gift. It’s our birthright.

I went through a period of resentment with the Elite and society for withholding this invaluable information from all the people of the world. It’s to be expected. but if you hold onto that anger, then you’re still energetically going to attract more of the same. I realized I had to forgive them, let it go, and move on. We know the truth now and that’s all that matters!

So anyhow, I started to ponder the thought of being able to manifest something I wanted. It was the carrot dangling in front of my face. I became curious about this concept of being able to manifest things that I wanted in my life. I started wondering if something this good can exist. Something more to life. A different way. So I started learning and listening and watching every video and bit of information I could get my hands on.

When I wasn’t at work, I had YouTube playing. Abraham Hicks, Teal Swan, quantum physics, co-creation of any type, it did not matter. I sucked up as much as I could every single day. My husband worked during the day, and I at night, so all day long, I was learning. I finally started asking questions in my own mind. Was I sane? Was this worth all the time and effort I was putting into it? Was I obsessed with something foolish? Was it real? Well, if it wasn’t there were literally millions of people being fooled. I held tight to my faith.

I kept hearing the word resistance. I couldn’t figure it out. Everything was spinning around in my mind so much and so quickly I thought I was losing my mind. Well, you kind of ARE losing your mind. As you step into this magical different realm without realizing you did, you’re re-wiring your brain. You’re letting go of old conditioning and of course your mind and ego are going to resist. Your mind wants the old you back. It was comfy and cozy and solid, meaning accepting that things can come to you energetically and easily by changing your thought and feelings is ludicrous to everything you have been taught your whole life. I thought sometimes I was being downright ridiculous.

I experienced some dark times as my mind started to change. I somehow shifted without knowing. I guess I bombarded my brain with so much airy-fairy information, I felt myself slipping down the rabbit hole. You’ll know it. That’s when you’ve turned a corner. Right around the time you think you’ve lost your mind. Well, my dear, you have. You’re starting to accept the state of mind that you were designed to enjoy life from.

During this time, you’re in an energy tornado, so to speak. It’s like when a cold front and a warm front suddenly clash together in the weather. They hit head on and then the shit hits the fan. There’s such a clash of energies going on that you’re going to see things start happening in your life. They may or may not me easy for you. For me, I was in chaos, so that’s what was created outside of me. The macro reflects the micro, as above so below, as you think therefore you are. There’s some housecleaning to be done, and you will be no exception. Both of my parents died within a few years, I lost my job, my apartment, and spent my parents’ entire inheritance, wrecked the car that was the only thing left I had of the inheritance,  and I miscarried.

I believe my slate was cleared. So I could create from scratch. My parents loved me so much that they didn’t want to see me do without anything I wanted, so they spoiled me as much as they could and bailed me out when they were alive. They even loved me in death. They spoiled me afterwards by leaving me about $100,000 total. I blew it all. I kept living the way I had lived until all the money ran out and I lost my job by doing something really stupid. The Universe had cleaned my clock. Put me back to a clean slate. It was time for me to learn on my own. How to do everything my parents never let me learn on my own. It was also time for me to gain self-worth and confidence on my own as well. They just didn’t have it themselves, so how could they have taught that to me? They did teach me two things. Two very important and valuable things. Love and work ethic.

Here’s the flipside, the bright side. Now I have freedom. Without my parents judging me, without them babying me, I can let my intuition lead me. I can let God lead me, the Universe. Without judgement, I can talk freely about psychic topics, energy, Law of Attraction, spirituality, love, freedom. I can finally grow into myself. Create from my own heart space.

I am here to help unite and teach and love. We all are. If you’re reading this then you’re ready too. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Take it up a notch everyone. This is a big year for LightWorkers. We’re past the point of no return already. We’re winning. You may as well relax into it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it!

I want to write more, but I have to go share my sparkle at work soon!!

Shine bright SuperStar!!


❤ Missy



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