Someone just brought me to tears by telling me how much I helped them with a post

Someone just contacted me on Messenger and told me how I had helped them on their journey. How the timing was good and that it was a message that really helped them in their time of need. This person even went so far as to tell me that she was glad that i was alive and that I had posted that blog.

I don’t even know which one it was that helped her so much. That was irrelevant to me. I just thanked her for letting me know that it helped her and that it encouraged me to continue. Hearing from people that I have helped just confirms I am on the right path.

Like I told her, I have been smothering and ignoring this side of myself for about 15 years now. There was a big no-no stigma around talking about things of an energetic nature, psychic, or spiritual nature for so long I had myself backed into a corner. I wouldn’t allow myself to talk about it. One day a few weeks ago, I finally took the jump. i started writing about anything I wanted to online. I allowed myself to be my REAL self online, if no where else for the time being. Guess what happened! Not what I built up in my mind, that’s for sure.

I had an immediate following. People love me. They love that I jumped in and that I am not scared to talk about topics that some people won’t, and that I share how I integrate it into my daily life. I am just me. Missy. Finally being herself for once. I’m finally free. They sky did NOT fall after I came out of the spiritual closet. It actually opened up!!!!

Ultimately, what brought me to tears just now was my gratitude to this woman. You know who you are! I know you will see this!! Thank you so much. You just took my happiness and gratitude to the highest level that I have experienced maybe not in just a long time, but ever. I feel worthy. I feel needed. I feel useful. I feel LOVED. Maybe I closed myself off after being hurt so deeply by the loss of both my parents. Maybe I just haven’t felt important in this big world for so long, I forgot what it felt like. But it feels amazing.

This is what i typed to her as I was crying tears of gratitude:

Wow! I’m grateful for your words. I have been pushing this side of myself down and ignoring it and smothering it for like 15 years. I just started writing about things I want to write about A few weeks ago


I was really nervous about talking about spiritual things and how they connect to science and quantum physics and most of all helping people integrated into their lives


I am so happy to hear it something I did affected you that deeply and in a positive way! That is something I have not felt in a very long time. ❤️❤️


Or maybe ever.

Don’t ever doubt your importance for being alive. The smallest ripple effect that you create can change someone else’s life in a major way. Then when you thank them and you let them know in return how important they are to you, they also feel important and worthy! It’s a beautiful cycle. A loving one. This is why we want to tell people wonderful things when we think we need to. Follow your intuition. Someone on the receiving end needs to hear it, and needs to feel it.

Love is all we need! <3<3<3


Thank you all so much for all your love and support!

Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash


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