Let’s talk about movies that lower your vibrational frequency…

I just finished watching Scarface. I know it’s supposed to be a classic according to a lot of people. I mean, I guess it is in some circles. A few things impressed me in this movie. The acting was amazing. It did feel real. Al Pacino has not aged much to me! He looks just as amazing now as he did back then. It’s like he was channeling the character Tony Montana. Michelle Pfeiffer was absolutely flawless as always. The set was beautiful, as well as the locations. I just had to see what all these years of hype was all about.

Here’s what I decided. I just wasted almost three hours of my life that I will never get back. I felt sad and drained as the final credits started to roll. I can’t imagine the mood of the people leaving the theater as the lights came up back in 1983. After all, the entire last scene was a blood bath. I mean, I’m the kind of empath that does not even like to TYPE those words. I wouldn’t be thinking them or typing them right now if it wasn’t for informing you about how movies like this can affect our moods, temperaments, and how we perceive the world!

Same thing goes for horror movies. You have a choice. You are not a baby if you choose not to go see them. If they terrify you for weeks afterward, don’t go. I stopped watching most scary movies, because I used to imagine things that happened in the movie could just as well happen to me. Then I figured out intuitively before I knew about vibration, that I just did not enjoy living in fear. Why should I pay money to live in fear? Now I know it’s not worth lowering my vibrational frequency over.

I will watch some movies that are considered scary. Like some of the ones involving ghosts and hauntings. There always seems to be unfinished business involved and things work out in the end because all the spirit needed was help crossing over. Sometimes those turn dark too though. I recently watched Unfriended, and that one did not have such a happy ending. Sorry if I spoiled that for you!

I was kind of trying to let go of the wheel a little today, take a break from writing. I usually wait for something to inspire me first anyway. As soon as those credits started to roll, I thought,”I’m gonna have to go write just to raise my frequency again!!!” So here I am! 🙂

Honestly, I think I avoided watching that movie for a very long time for a very different reason. I used to be an addict. I actually went down on my own accord and signed myself into intensive outpatient rehab here in Cincinnati one day back in 2005. I used to love cocaine and snorting amphetamines. I thought maybe watching that movie might trigger me to want to use again. I know now that after being to the bottom of the barrel, entering rehab with big quarter-sized sores all over my face from me picking at my face, that I NEVER want to be that person ever again. No matter how glamorous movies and television make it look.

I’ll have to write a post about that sometime and link it here for you. Yes, I have made a lot of poor decisions in my past, but they do not define me as a person now. I’m alive. I may be overweight and I may be only a server in a restaurant, but I am grateful. Grateful that I lived. Knowing in my heart that if I survived fourteen years of self sabotaging addiction that I have a purpose for being here. This is it. Helping other people. Starting off small, but I am gaining momentum. I can help a lot more people sharing than I ever could all closed off! There’s no reason to be ashamed of our past. We’re different people now! We are free!!!

Stop watching crap that makes you angry, sad, lonely, and above all, scared! You don’t have to give up television. Most television, besides the news, is raising consciousness now! People like you and I are creating it! We’re reaching for the stars and catching them. You don’t need a manager. You don’t need an agent. You have Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, Instagram. The People. The people decide who they like. You have an audience of SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE. Let them decide what they like. Not the naysayers around you that tell you you’re crazy.

Love what you were put here to do. Do what’s in your heart!!! Here’s something uplifting to ponder. You can’t fail. The only way you fail is if you give up. It may take time and a few lessons along the way, but you can’t mess this up! You have the creative force of the Universe on your side!!!!

I kind of went off on a tangent there, but I can’t help it. I just say what comes into my mind next. I make my own rules and I guess that’s what people like about me. i color outside the lines. Always have and always will!

Love to you and yours!!!!


Al, if you’re reading this, you rock. I ❤ and respect your artwork always!!! It would NOT be the same without you!!!




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