LightWorkers! Have you heard of mirror neurons???

Just to give you a super blast of confidence that you have found your tribe, you’re not crazy for trying to wake people up and stop the suffering on our planet, I have about fifteen minutes before leaving for work today and I HAVE to write this and share it. I was watching this video from Lil Jon and I KNEW I had to post it. It shows the way our mirror neurons take over. We’re literally programmed in our cells for evolution.

I learned about mirror neurons some time ago. It is some really exciting new science that shows that people mirror the actions and energy of the people they are surrounded by. You may be resisting something that you may have felt reluctant to participate in or believe in, due to past conditioning perhaps, but if you are around, say people like us long enough, and we can hold our energy by being our TRUE selves around everyone, they won’t be able to resist long.

They’ll finally give in. They’ll finally sit out on the fun long enough, they won’t be about to resist anymore. They’ll be sitting alone soon enough.

We were put here to play and enjoy life. The only reason we need to rise up and become our best selves is because we need to beat the system. It’s already cracked, crumbling, and starting to fall. The LightWorkers are taking over. It can’t stand for very much longer. This is a big year for Planet Earth. The U.S. presidential election is a huge example of that. It’s literally good vs. evil this time around. People will HAVE to vote with their hearts. Their hearts won’t allow them to vote for a selfish business man or a woman with double standards. There’s only a couple choices left if you use common sense.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the HearthMath Institute has already shown we effect people with our torsion field that our heart creates, we know we affect them with our aura. Now we have another amazing discovery that proves we’re wired for evolution, and eventually, Ascension.





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