Everything we manifest on the physical plane we have created. Correct. The jet fuel for all forms of creation is emotion. E-motion. Energy in motion.

So take this scenario for example. Say Amy plans to go see her mom. Amy’s mom has prepared Amy’s favorites tonight. Let’s just say Amy LOVES pan fried chicken breasts, homemade mashed potatoes with beef gravy, corn on the cob, stuffing, maybe even a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Amy shows up at home and sees her mom has been working hard to prepare all of her favorites. She knows the meal took hard work and a lot of time and effort. She appreciates the love and intention her mom has put forth to make this wonderful meal, but something is not quite right with Amy.

She fears if she indulges too much in this amazing, wonderful, love-infused meal, that she will gain five pounds for sure. Now, let’s stop and examine this. Before we go any further, using what you know about energy and emotion, what’s gone awry here? Amy only just arrived and already her deeply ingrained conditioning about food has started to create and manifest for her. If she continues this line of thinking, which she will because obviously she doesn’t know how to apply the laws of energy yet, she’s either going to do one of two things. She’s going to indulge and in fact gain the weight she’s programmed herself to believe she is going to gain, or she’s going to under-indulge and miss out on enjoying food that has been prepared with love for her and suffer unnecessarily.

This is obviously not what a loving creator intended for us. We were sent here to enjoy freedom, beauty, peace and love. It’s the negative programming and conditioning from society that prevents us from enjoying life as it should be.

I am in the process of allowing myself to enjoy all the foods that I love without attaching a negative emotion to it. I mean this is a major step forward in easing suffering and disease caused in this country. We have to start allowing ourselves to be happy. We can eat all of the foods that we enjoy and clear our minds of any conditioning that we learned in the past. I believe that when we start allowing ourselves to do so, and even go so far as to ENJOY our food like we should be doing, then we can start preventing obesity from happening in the first place!! Wouldn’t that be a miracle???

I read in an article somewhere, and I wish I could remember where it was, that if you are thinking negative thoughts or emotions while you are eating, it causes your thyroid to dysfunction. Which is a direct cause of weight gain. Your thyroid regulates lots of things in your body! Here’s just a few negative conditions you can experience if your thyroid is out of whack. Depression, lack of energy, unbalanced metabolism, constipation, low libido, high blood pressure, dry skin, problems swallowing/throat issues, weight gain, high cholesterol, and even trouble getting or staying pregnant.

Now I am not a doctor, and I am not telling you to go off of any medications or do anything against what you have been told by your doctor. I am suggesting that for every physical illness, there is a metaphysical cure. An emotional cure.

It’s not the food we’re consuming, because technically food is energy and is made up of mostly empty space. It’s our programming that we have attached to food that causes us to gain weight from it! If I eat a piece of chocolate cake and I feel guilty as I am eating the entire thing, then I have missed out on the bliss of the moment. While simultaneously sending the message to my body to gain weight from what I just consumed, and as a result of that command, the body responds accordingly!

This shift could end obesity and all the diseases related to it! I’m tired of seeing people suffer unnecessarily. Stop feeling guilty and sad about what you’re eating! Enjoy it like it was intended to be enjoyed. As a matter of fact, LOVE it. Relish it. Get caught up in the moment. Your thyroid will love you in return for it. I mean, we’ve tried the other way for a long time. What if simple has been the right answer all along??

Don’t you know people who can eat anything they want and they never gain an ounce? I know I do. One day I said to myself, what’s so different about them?? It’s what they were programmed to believe! I just happened to get more exposure to statements like this,”you better not eat that, you’ll never find a boyfriend if you get fat.” Sad but true. Fear based thinking.

I have been sitting down, enjoying my meals, and loving every minute of it. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

Wishing you all the happiness in the Universe.



Photo by Tommy Lee Walker on Unsplash


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