The key to happiness is falling in love with everything!

The key to a successful co-created reality is happiness. That means no more bias against anything or anyone. We’re done with judgement. How are you supposed to be happy, open and in a state of receiving if you hate and resist everything around you?

No more racism, no more worrying, no more sadness. Life is easy when you can see the beauty in everyone and everything around you. We’re all living breathing pieces of living art.

This also frees you in a different way. You become free to express yourself. You start getting excited when you start creating and expressing yourself in different ways. This does have a side effect that I can’t seem to escape. You start to not be able to tolerate NOT doing what you love all day long. For example, when I am on a role creatively, I don’t want to stop. Like today, I am off work and I am excited about having all day long to write if I so choose. If I had to stop at say 2pm, to go to work, I had some resistance to that in the beginning, but I want my creative life to flow easily along with all aspects of my life. Even and especially if it means having to stop to make dinner! LOL ūüôā

The beginning for me was right after the psychic fair, when I had my body rewired by having that wonderful healing treatment by Ascended Pyramids. I know something happened that day. It re-sparked the fire! I became passionate about letting my true self come alive through this blog as a channel. I was also told by a gentleman there who did a crystal healing with a wand on me, that I was a clear channel and that I should conside becoming a healer. To me that was freedom and clarity to become whatever I wanted to. That meant I was a clear channel for spirit to flow through me to help others.

You have to be able to surrender and let Spirit take the wheel. But one word of warning, once you do you’re never the person you used to be anymore. There’s no going back. It just feels too good to let your true self shine through, FINALLY! You’ll gain momentum allowing your true light shine through and you’ll feel like the only thing stopping you is time. Time to evolve from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. But we have to enjoy that process! That’s what living in the NOW is all about. Making decisions out of love, not fear. The more you allow yourself to believe in the BEST case scenario, and see that it actually works out for you that way because you trusted and had faith, the more you start to dip your toes into the water. It feels sooooo good in the water!!!! Come join us in the magical world instead of always living so densely in the third dimensional world.

Dr. Joe¬†always says to live more from the energetic dimension. It opens you up to believing in infinite possibilities. Now if you know you have a choice between a good outcome and a bad outcome, wouldn’t you want to anticipate that things will work out, not only okay for you, but better than you ever imagined?

Fall in love with all the beauty and love around you and live from your heart fearlessly and this is exactly what you’ll get. I mean if you insist on looking back, look at all the times in your life that you were right about everything going wrong. When you said,”see! I told you! I knew it was going to happen just like that!” THAT is when you see that magic has never ceased to exist. You’ve just been trained to use it in a negative way. Retrain your brain to love everything and those negative results will cease to exist in your life!!!!

Believe everyday is extraordinary and it will be!!!! Live in gratitude. You will receive more things to be grateful for!

Love you Always!



Photo by Tommy Lee Walker on Unsplash


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