Skipping ahead to what we WANT to see happen

I like to think of using the Law of Attraction like reeling in a big fish. But when I step out with my pole, I know I’m gonna catch the biggest fish ever. I already know this driving to the lake. It’s pre-programming the future. We actually anticipate with all of our being that we’re going to catch a huge fish.

This is the same mentality that we have to adopt when we are using the Law of Attraction. There has to be a decision MADE. A choice made. A knowing. Not I hope I get that career choice I want, I hope I get everything I dream of. It’s this: I KNOW I am going to make it. I know that I am going to help teach the Law of Attraction to people for a living. I know I’m going to be a writer. I know I am going to write a best selling book someday. I know I am getting my yellow beach house with the hammock between two palm trees, a beautiful pool, hot tub and deck. I see myself writing from that very deck. I can see the kitchen I want in my mind. I KNOW exactly how I want my kitchen. I know that I want a spiral staircase that connects my stepson’s room to the kitchen for breakfast and that staircase continues down to the pool.

I can see it all in my mind’s eye very clearly! Here’s the thing though. You HAVE to let go of the HOW. You literally have to let that go. How can the Universe send you messages and opportunities if YOU are trying to control things? You have to let go of trying to control your destiny. All you have to do is live your life and wait patiently for the “clues” to come in from the Universe. Trust me, you will know it when you see it too. It’s so obvious. Your higher dimensional self, spirit guide, God, whatever you choose to call them knows the quickest way from point A to point B. Esther Hicks who channels Abraham calls this the path of least resistance.

Sometimes nothing will happen for so long that we finally do give up. THAT is when something DOES happen finally. We detached from all that worrying energy that we were all caught up in. Nothing you have asked for can get to you when you are radiating energy that says on one hand,”I’m worried nothing is coming.” or,”I want it right now.” or,”I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or not right now.” Law of attraction works like a magnet. You get what you think about all the time. If you’re thinking chaotic, unsure thoughts, then you’re going to get exactly that.

You have to utilize faith here. Trust in what your heart told you to explore. You found something in the idea of the Law of Attraction that resonated with you. You KNOW there is more to life than what we know right now. You’re right. I have only just started trusting and letting go, but when I did, I immediately started seeing new things and new experiences coming into my life.

Just let go of the wheel for a while. Quit trying to control the outcome. We’ve been conditioned that we have to work hard for everything in life. This is your gift, your birthright. You don’t have to work hard. Everything will come easily for you with Law of Attraction. You will find it quite refreshing to let go of worrying once you practice it some! We use quite a lot of energy worrying. That keeps us in a fear-based mentality. It literally LOWERS our vibrational frequency so nothing good can be attracted to us. It’s physics folks. It’s the truth.

Here’s a high energy, uplifting song. Remember to keep your spirits HIGH. Anything is possible. You just have to stay open to that!!!

Know That You Matter!! You deserve everything you ever dreamed of!!

Magic is real and now you’re a part of it!

Stay Happy!!!


Love you guys!





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