Your abundance and cash flow is open…

You are going to get everything you ever dreamed of along with the freedom to live your life the way you please. No boss. Sleeping in everyday. Vacations with the family. Working from anywhere. Do you want to know how I know this?

It’s because you won’t stop. Nothing will ever be enough, ever. (Russell Brand cut through me like a knife with this quote.) You know there’s more to life than we’re being told. The Universe wants only to expand. New experiences open doors. If you never take a chance and ask a question or apply somewhere, you’ll never move forward. Spirit is a vacuum to me. You try this and watch what happens. Do something new. Shake things up.

Don’t get discouraged on a day or days when nothing happens. Maybe you even feel disconnected. What I have found is that the Universe is just lining things up for you right then. Life feels slow and it feels like nothing is happening but that is when everything is happening. The Universe, which is actually you anyway, will do what it takes to make you let go. You know. Ask, believe, LET GO, receive. They forgot that part in The Secret. You have to set the intention in your mind, on paper, by saying it, whatever…then you must let it go. Wait. Have patience and trust. This is when FAITH comes in. If you stop having FAITH during this period of time, then you are AGAIN creating in the wrong direction. You’re directing your energy, the attention you are paying with, is drawing something you DO NOT want. You are still creating on boring days. It never stops. You have to remember that! Just KNOW that all is coming your way in perfect timing. If you don’t have it yet it’s not time. Quit trying so hard to control things and they will unravel perfectly for you.

Watch the goodness roll in.

Plus you get brownie points when you up the anty with the Universe. It’s kind of like instigating. Pursuing tolerance and acceptance by doing things on purpose that are usually unacceptable behaviors in society. Like fat people wearing tight clothes. LOL. That’s me today! These could just be unacceptable in YOUR mind too. In that case you’re clearing a block for yourself! Either way it doesn’t matter. It’s the energy you are radiating as a result of doing something different. Stepping things up a notch like writing an article with a topic most people wouldn’t touch without fear of ridicule. That’s more like me.

But, I know I’m gonna make it, and do you know why?

Because I have nothing left to lose.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash






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