My power is out right now :(

What better time to write than during a lightening storm with no power. Google Docs still comes up. It uploads when the computer connects to wi-fi. There’s a frantic husband running around. You know the deal. I lit a nice candle next to me that I just bought that’s in a handheld sconce. I love it, if I have to pee, I have my own candle to carry.

Storms used to make me nervous. Not since I started really sinking into this create your own reality thing. I decided I was always safe during lightening storms. No matter what chaos goes on around me, I am safe and the home I reside in is safe. That’s how that goes.

Now storms don’t bother me anymore.

I just think of it as a cleansing. This is how having this knowledge can help you have a better life. Create peace in every way. That’s also why it’s important to me to get this knowledge to people around the world.

We’re programming the future in the moment. When you get really precise with it, miracles will unload on you. We don’t have to tolerate creating from fear anymore. The gig is up.

Enjoy your quantum leap into your new reality.

LOVE all of you!


Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash


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