Take ownership of your matrix

There’s no more “I can’t.” There’s no more “maybe.” No more pacifying your wussy side. Take this gift you have been given, the one that’s been hidden from you for decades and centuries, and use it! The Law of Attraction is still working. Creating your own reality moment by moment is working. You’re just programming it wrong.

You consciousness is being programmed by you all the time. It never stops. It’s frame by frame, nano second by nano second. It’s streaming like Netflix baby. Infinitely. On & on. It’s your show. If we can slow our minds down long enough to catch each decision we make and the intention behind each choice, we can start reeling in the good things. Simply by becoming conscious of our thoughts which are fueled by emotion. We HAVE to get happier. We HAVE to listen when we want that pedicure. We HAVE to take time and money for ourselves. We HAVE to start with us. That emotion that is attached to every minute decision that you make every nano second that we’re streaming live pulls something good or something bad your direction.

It really comes down to creating reality from the ground up from the emotion of fear, or the emotion of love. Emotion is the coal for the locomotive. Emotions power which polarity you receive from, fear (bad) or love (good). When you’re done suffering when you don’t have to, you’ll move in a different direction. You’ll get tired of working for peanuts, never being able to take a vacation, answering to a boss.

The truth is out. Here’s what ‘ole Albert Einstein had to say, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” One is out of love, the other is out of fear. Every moment leads to the next moment, and we need always be looking and expecting the BEST case scenario. Nothing less. As we get better at this, and we do, you can be creating amazing things in your immediate path. You can get that new job with better pay but only if you really love what you’re pursuing. You might be able to lie to yourself, you your emotion and frequency don’t lie to the Universe. You’re a magnet with your own torsion field. We have been creating out of fear for a very long time.

Why not reel in something amazing. As your frequency raises so will your confidence, third eye opening, and your bank account. Your prosperity and abundance will come. I know mine is. I feel it. Once I allowed myself to write freely about whatever I want, I have already seen a surge in my blog hits and friend requests. Thank you so much for your support, by the way!!! You guys are so loved!

All I want people to consider is, what can it hurt? It’s not even mystical anymore. Modern science has proven that everything I just stated was the truth. Consciousness does not exist without an observer! We are just sparkles of light and sound that are constantly shifting in an out of “reality.” Reality, dimension, whatever. Just chew on the INFINITE possibilities that can come from creating your life frame by frame. You can literally program your life as you go.

I hope I was able to help explain the crazy workings of quantum physics in lay terms. I really want to help people. I want to see people stop suffering. Let’s re-create the world. The way WE want it. Peaceful, loving and abundance for EVERYONE.

We rock. We’re the new leaders. Let’s git r done.Watch the shift in power. The power belongs to us, the people. Where it was meant to be when this country was created.



Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash



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