We can tilt this in our favor doing fun stuff!

Have you ever been to a pot party either on purpose or accident. Either way. You may not know everyone’s energy when this gets started, but sometimes you catch a snag in the conversation. Two people kinda clashing in the airways. Sometimes it may be conversation about something really dark. Like whatever. now a days it could very well be a YouTube video of someone hurting an animal comes on.

Have you ever thrown up because the energy got so dark so fast? I have sat and ignored it and not participated, but it seems I don’t have to participate in the conversation to become physically ill.

I think we should do this to other people. Invite one or two negative person to your place with other like minded happy people. Just blast them with positivity. When my abundance ship comes in, I’m gonna play games like this. Just upgrade their ass with love and abundance for one day.

Take them on boats, let them swim. All races. All colors.All gay people all straight people. We all getting along over AT MY HOUSE! All equal people AT MY HOUSE.

I love everyone equally! I can’t wait to share my abundance!




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