My infinite pool of creativity had dried up

Without ever having touched that infinite stream of the all the knowledge in the Universe, I would not know it when is it absent. I was feeling like it was gone for a bit today. I could not get inspired. I keep forgetting that you have to be in the moment and go sit down at the computer and then wait. This was when I was doing dishes or something that I was thinking about it.

For a few days there after my healing at the psychic fair. My head was continuously full of titles to blog about. It eventually faded because I had a different schedule this week and it about flipped my world for me. They had me getting up at 4:30 am this week. I’ve have based my life around mastering the art of sleeping in. Most of my energy, attention, and focus has been at the day job this week. I was really having a hard time implementing the I’m gonna ride the wave, or go with the flow type of energy. I was resistant, but I had awareness of it. I said the more you resist this, the more it’s going to suck. It’s gonna make every moment miserable.

As a result of having this knowledge, I reached for the stars and I got it. Conquering the morning hating beast inside of me. I want to enjoy being up at every hour. I don’t want to hate mornings. Equal everything. Not just equal people. As a result of purposely not resisting as much as I could humanly squander, I made decent money, and I focused intently on the moment, making it the best that I could. I tried enjoying the morning people. LOL. They need a little sprinkle of this beautiful sparkling sunshine in their life too! Me! Missy! I hit ’em with some good ole down home happy face #feelthebern glitter. They don’t know what to think of such an enthusiastic character. Who’s fluffy, but quite elegant in her demeanor. She corrects her own errors by engaging the guests in a moment of laughter. She sets the hook, then she reels them in.

I do love people. But I want people to love people.

Back to the infinite stream…It left. I sat down here and could not come up with something to write about. When i feel like that I find listening to music seems to open up my mood to creativity. I did that. It helped. It lightened my mood and inspired me, but I want real. Tapped in to the amazing feel good stuff. So I realized, I felt like I might be out of balance. One of my chakras closed, you know? I was such an open channel at the fair that a gentleman who performed a healing with crystals told me that I was a clear channel and that I would be a good healer. But I had not declared my self an open channel. Not today. I did not have to right after the psychic fair. Everything was in line until I worked more than I wrote.

You have to stay open minded and receptive to connect to the REAL information super highway. It’s there. You will find it. Then you’ll start to know real prosperity in your life. Yes, I am starting small on the wrong kind of blog, I understand. But I’ll make it. I’ll just make it the way I want to come. I want to enjoy my journey. I don’t know what coming. I am just writing thoughts that come into my mind out of nowhere sometimes bouncing them off of other people. Opening the mind of the world. Pretty soon it will be everywhere. Goodness everywhere. It will probably blow even our minds. Meaning the people who know the shift is happening!!

Ok well this topic’s kinda done for right now. Whew. I JUST got my next article topic!!

See you soon!





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