I grew up in a very loving, but also quite sad environment. My parents grew up Appalachian. They grew up in a very low vibratory, depressing and angry, hostile atmosphere. I can’t imagine the things that they witnessed in that kind of environment. When I was born they brought me into a higher vibratory field. They were emotionally abuse and verbally abusive, but at least they ditched the physical abuse from the prior generation.

The point I am setting up for is this, they were nasty on the road. I witnessed it and absorbed and learned all of that hate and resentment. I say resentment, because my dad was very jealous and resentful towards people with a “nicer” car than him. What that really means is more expensive. My mom had issues with self esteem because hers was always yelling at women in the car. Telling them into the air that she would jerk them out of the car by the hair of her head. Sometimes she made it funny so she sounded less angry after doing it in front of me. I learned everything I know about road rage from my mom and dad.

My parents taught me road rage, but I also found my own reasons to bitch and go off on the poor soul in front of me. I was plenty angry until lately. I was a good-hearted person, but I was being nasty in random situations. I could not start LIVING what I believed in my mind to be true. At least now, I’m starting to connect the dots. The whole mind, body, spirit balance.

When you STOP creating your own low vibratory field that’s fueled by anger, your life will improve. I swear to you. There’s no compassion in yelling at people on the road. I used to yell and go by all mad and realized it was a little old lady! Then I started feeling guilty. More low vibrational emotion. It’s just a bad deal. You’re creating a big vortex of nasty around yourself. You’re literally REPELLING anything good from happening to you. It’s quantum physics. This is where your stubbornness and pride will trip you up. It will cause you to pull your hair out with learning patience, but here are a few solutions.

Be prepared for being bored in traffic. The drama and addiction to that adrenaline and charged up energy will be gone. Bring an audio book. Download new music.

Maybe you need more motivation and stimulation? Well, here is how you can use traffic and nasty people to evolve quicker. I turn my rear view mirror up towards the ceiling of my car. I ignore them. I don’t like letting people “break” the mood and the energy that I have going on. But I am still a LightWorker. I feel like I have a duty to honor the situation I am put into. I drive the speed limit and they have to have patience. Plus, I always say, I may be keeping you from being in a bad accident! I mean really. Things happen for a reason! There are no coincidences. Sychronicities, but no coincidences.

I won’t break the law for someone else either. I won’t do it. I won’t speed because you’re not as evolved as me. You’re running late. Remember the law of attraction is coming full circle here. When you say,”I’m gonna be be late for work,” or “when I am late for work , I always get behind some slow ass.” Guess what. You conjured me up. You called me in to your reality. Here I am. A LightWorker teaching you patience. Your Higher Self calling in the lessons to get you what you need. Yep we’re all part of it. More than you think, and now you know how to rid yourself of road rage. Have road fun instead!

Give candy to under appreciated service workers. Like people in drive thru restaurants. Do that in your car. If you treat people nice that automatically raises your vibration. If you don’t see how this will help with road rage, maybe you will attract a new job! That pulls you out of that traffic all together! Maybe even start your own business! This isn’t about changing other people to suit you. It’s about changing YOU to SUIT YOU. Think bigger about this!! Start raising the vibe on this planet like now!! You will start to enjoy the buzz you get from making others smile! Hurry it up already! We need your help!! Your awesome new life and freedom is coming in exchange for letting go and not feeding the darkness. Feed the Light side and watch what happens!

Be compassionate. Start integrating your passion into your everyday 3D world. When you see the magic and momentum of where we are all heading, you’re gonna shit yourself. Trust me. Let go of the road rage. Until then, know you can do this and keep watching positive movies and reading this type of uplifting information. Things are gonna get easier for you!! I promise. Every person on this planet counts. Your energy COUNTS!!!

I Love You ALL!




Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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