I placed a specific order with the Universe and I got it THAT DAY

As you may know, I am a server at a lovely, unique restaurant here in Cincinnati. You would love it! It’s absolutely charming and quite a piece of art in its own creation. I don’t know that they would want to be associated with such progressive topics that I LOVE to talk about and share. I completely respect that, so I choose not to disclose the name. Be we have the yummiest, most loved food in Cincinnati. Our food is prepared with respect and love and it shows. People can tell the food has been treated well there. It’s also art in it’s own right. I am always excited and proud of our food. 🙂 That being said, I had a few wonderful experiences there lately. Maybe that’s why I haven’t finished working there. I had some things to experience and share with everyone.

I have been a bartender for around 18 years total, served at various restaurants for maybe about 6 years. I did hair for almost five counting three years of school. I have never experienced anything as wild and amazing as what happened on this night. This was mind-blowing for me and still freaks me out a little. Things happen as you raise your consciousness and your vibration. The secrets of the Universe will be revealed to you as you are ready for them, I suppose!!! This is so cool…

I was on the clock, I was goofing off in the server hallway spouting off about how the Universe. Some topic of conversation that I was chatting with the kids (that’s what I call the twenty-somethings that work there) and I started to joke about how I was going to place an order from the Universe that evening. I started naming off all the qualities I wanted from the perfect group of people I wanted to wait on. This is where it gets fun! I rattled off something to the effect of this,”You know what I want? I want a group of people to come sit at my six-top and I want them to be fun. They have to be happy. They’re going to drink a bunch, they’re gonna get appetizers, they’re gonna eat nice entrees, then they’re all going to get bakery desserts, and they’re going to tip me big! It won’t even seem like work!”

You can imagine the crazed looks I got from the few kids that were in the server hallway. They just brushed it off and giggled. Probably just thinking, “that crazy Missy!”

Well, maybe a half hour went by. A single man is sat at my only six-top. He’s waiting for the rest of his family. My other two tables are only two-tops, so this table is crucial during dinner to making some money because the rush only lasts so long. So I try to hope for quality vs. quantity with the tables that I get. Let me also state that I talk to my guests very openly and freely and people love it. They like experiencing my personality. My family was country folks, they love my little hillbilly twang!! They sometimes ask where I am from. I just tell them that I was born in Cincy, but the two biggest hillbillies ever taught me the English language! They love it. I love making people laugh too.

So the rest of the family arrives. It came to five people total. I giggle over this because I did not specify six people, I said GROUP. I remember this very clearly because I was so shocked how this all turned out. I kinda laugh to myself saying well, it would have been six people, but someone backed out when I was said group, not six people. LOL! Spiritual twisted thinking. Yes you literally have to lose your mind, think completely opposite from what you’re used to to get these results.

So the family arrives, they order a round of pricey beers, and to my shock, the man appearing to be the father in the family proceeds to order appetizers. Not one, not even two of them, but FIVE. Ridiculous! By the time the apps hit their table they wanted another round of similar beers. I was quite appalled and I had not even realized that I created this. This was exactly what I called up from the Universe. Their check was already a nice bump over $200. This was before they ordered their entrees. I was kinda freaking out a little. Just being in shock that I had gotten lucky enough to get this amazing table. They were laughing so loud and having so much fun that people were kind of looking their way a little. They were some fun people that’s for sure. I was bouncing what beer knowledge I have off them like I knew everything about every beer ever. I just stuck to the ones I knew the most about and had tasted. This was going phenomenal. They ordered four of the most expensive entrees like it was nothing to them. I found myself slightly disappointed that the fifth person opted for a measly burger. Now I was spoiled!

By the time all was said and done, their check was almost $400. They tipped me $80. This table was a blast. It felt like fun the entire time, they enjoyed the amazing food immensely. I blew their minds. They were definitely happy with a server who is willing to make them laugh and make their experience quite flawless. Cause I rock. I love people and enjoy chatting and learning from each other. I love spoiling people. I really think we need to bring back the love and start treating each other like family. Then we’ll start acting more like family.

That’s when we’ll see a great change in the world. We’re the LightWorkers. We came here to start the chain of forgiveness. For being the bigger man and not fighting back while feeding the energy to the darker side of things. WE are here to first forgive ourselves for everything we have created in the past. We have to let it all go and wipe the slate clean. Erase anything that we are ashamed about, may have done wrong to someone, but this is it. It’s time people. This madness has to stop and it’s starts with loving yourself and knowing the truth. With this knowledge like I just shared with you, nothing can stop us.

We can literally call experiences into our lives. We have to be happy, I was TOTALLY joking about this when I said those things into the air in the server hallway with kids thinking I was nutty-buddy. It came true. I manifested it, that day, in that moment.

Life is magical! I promise you! You just have to be joking, happy, high vibration when you say it. You can just be living your life everyday, but as long as you set that intention, it will come. If it doesn’t right away. It’s not time yet. You are being shown something else you will need first before you get what you asked for.

I will write another article about a table I manifested one evening. This one’s very interesting for a special reason. It was 16 people, but they were like “us.” The were leading edge people that believe in co-creation!! It was unreal. My mind was blown! I’ll post a link shortly for you here.

Heading in tonight as a server’s assistant. S/A as we call them. So tonight’s forecast is nice & easy pace all night. Business can go ahead and be slow tonight so I can be cut early. I have to get up at 4:30 to be the brunch opener at 6:30 in the morning. I’ll just place that order now. I even go as far to say, I want it to be sunny that way folks in our area will stay home and grill out. It’s been cold in Cincinnati til lately and people are dying to get their grills out and use them! I know I am! Then, as a result the restaurant will be slow and I will be cut early tonight. I LOVE my sleep!! It’s returning to the void for healing and love! That’s a whole different article as well!!!

I love everyone!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!




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