We are creating our own reality. Yep, even the “bad”stuff

Your intuition (higher self, divine self) is guiding you to these kinds of posts because it’s trying to get you to wake up. It’s my job to make that an easier and shorter route than mine. It’s been at least 16 years since I started asking to know the secrets that have been kept for so long.

I mean part of me knew it was true all along. I think I had a few instances as a child that no one would probably believe if I told them. But I knew I was different. I always had a repeating dream about being able to move things with my mind. I may have had one or two incidents where I believe I may have caused something to happen but no one else would know about that but my dad and mom and they’re passed over now.

Most recently is when I discovered by looking back at my past that my dad of all people, was a master at creating what he did NOT want. Everything he wanted, he got. Good or bad. Like the time he and mom were sooooo scared when I drove out in my car they got me for graduation. They insisted if I went, I would be involved in an accident. About two hours later, I pulled in the driveway with the front smashed in.

My dad was so scared that I would turn out to be an alcoholic, addict, and whore, that when I moved out of the cage he had me locked in when I turned 18, that’s exactly what I became.  I did every thing he never let me do. He had already decided and programmed me with failure, so I finally gave in and went to rehab with my face picked off in 2005.

I can really see it when I look at what my parents conjured up. It’s hard to be objective and see what I called in. I think I have just been reacting and blending with other people’s vibes for a long time now. I was believing them and not separating my own energy from them. It’s called being an empath. I listened to everyone else and took their word for what I could or would turn out to be. I have been afraid of the stigma that’s been placed on energy work, psychic stuff, and crystals and the like. So I stuff that part of me down since 2002.

Well, now I know better. I didn’t back then. I was just scooping up other people’s vibration and taking their word for everything, like it was gold. It was anything but gold. NOW I have the GOLD because I have the truth. We’re creating our own matrix and can attract whatever we focus on. The magic belongs to us now. Let’s do this.

Let’s talk about things that we never talk about. Shake up the energy. Let go of some more fear that maybe we are wrong. How can we be wrong when it feels so right??

I Love you!





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