One of my psychic occurrences…

Well as I was discussing in my other article, Are you psychic? Yes. Through & through, I had many experiences during a time in my life when I was in hair school. It was around the year 2000 when I started to have a real interest in the psychic arts.

I was married to my third husband who kind believed, but not really. He hadn’t had a direct experience like my girlfriends had. I had made the connection for them, but I had not experienced the awe of something I could see myself that it was real.

I would sit and open up and rattle whatever came out through my mouth to whoever was receiving it. This is an information super highway that we can tap into people. You can be or do anything you want to do. If we listened constantly to an all knowing voice, we couldn’t possibly fail! The infinite will not mess up. It just gives you what you’re willing to line up or align with.

So anyway, one day my ex and I headed over to his grandma’s house to mow the grass for her. Whatever it was, she was not at home at the time. Maybe she was in Florida. She did that for like 6 months a year. Point of this being, I had to feel completely comfortable.

My ex was mocking me for doing the channelings, the scrying, the tarot cards. Well, he was so cocky that he presented me with a challenge. He said,”Ok, I want you see if you can pick up anything from my grandpa, since we’re in his house. He helped build it with his own hands. If anywhere it would be here that he would be.” I gladly accepted his challenge. I headed to the big bathroom for some time to open up.

I stood in the center of the bathroom. I took probably like five breaths of fire. I refer you to that site because you want to learn about the way to properly open up to information, this type of breathing is all you need. It’s quick and easy, but you have to learn how to do it correctly. The breathing puts you into the NOW. It invites Spirit in. My intention was set already. But I said it out loud anyway. Speaking your intention helps to bring something into physical reality. Remember, you are reaching upwards in vibrational frequency in order to receive Spirit in. You have to clear your mind. Wait. Just wait.

This is what I did in that bathroom that day. I bet I waited 10 minutes because I could not calm my energy enough back then like I can now. It’s stepping aside somewhat. it’s becoming a clear channel. I finally received one thing, and I thought that was the most ridiculous picture to see. It just didn’t make any sense! Not to me it didn’t.

I came out of the bathroom aggravated and disappointed.  I said to my ex,”All that time in there and all I got was this one crazy flash. It doesn’t make any sense to me.” I had stayed in the bathroom longer because I was trying to wait to wait for something else to come in. Nope that was it.

He wanted to knowwhat I had saw and reluctantly, I told him. “All I saw in the whole damn 10 minutes I was in there was a dog. A cartoonish looking blue dog with big eyeballs. Like weird looking eyeballs. That’s all.”

I saw his jaw kind of drop although I was frustrated with my results. What came through was small to me and off the wall, but it proved everything to him. He said,”Come with me.” He led me down the hallway. Not to Grandma’s room , or to his uncle’s room, but to a guest bedroom which hadn’t been used in years. He slid the big wooden closet door to one side. There sat a tower of three boxes. He grabbed the top box, threw it aside. Then the second box,  and finally the third. He opened the lid and with both hands went into this huge box searching. He knew exactly what he was looking for . When he came up with something in his hand, I had a feeling like I do right now telling the story. My stomach was churning and twisting.

I thought the bear had made no sense at all in MY mind, but it made all kinds of sense to him. He lifted his arm and showed me a funky blue bear just like the one that had flashed in my mind. It even had the big weird eyes like they put on stuffed animals in the 80’s. They were weird looking and big and wide. My jaw dropped at this point.

He proceeded to tell me that his grandpa had won this bear for him when he was very young at a local fair here in Ohio. He started to tear up. He was so excited but kind of freaking out. I was freaking out a little for sure. That’s when I stopped doing psychic stuff. I was getting scared.

I hadn’t learned about losing fear yet at that point. Now I know that fear is only an illusion. It’s made up in your mind. Think about that in terms of when you leave a bar after having a few beers.

Fear will draw those police cars right to your ass. You fear feeds the wrong energy. You need to know and decide that you are safe. Trust me, you’ll take to this like a duck in water when we put it in these terms for you. I think it’s time for a post about what happens when you fear something. Energetically speaking, that is.

Ok! I hope you liked and felt inspired by my one of they many stories I can share with you about my psychic past. Maybe someday I’ll actually have the balls to use it to help people.




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