Are you psychic? Yes. Through & through

Yes. Everyone is connected to God, Source Energy, The Universe all day long, everyday. As you’re waking up to this and integrating it into your everyday life, you will start to notice the clues. If you allow it. You must believe in whatever it is you want. If you want clairaudience, listen closer, get quiet more. If you to experience remote viewing you have to try it. I dabbled in these arts that have been lost over the centuries. I did some scrying   and some channeling. I have always been open and receptive. A woman I met at one of our Victory of Light Festivals here in Cincinnati told me that I had been carrying very aggressive stones once I had told her which ones I carried. I was high, open, receptive and accurate.

I did a remote viewing of a friend’s grandmother’s house in Tennessee, that she claims was spot on. All I did was close my eyes and let the images come in and I rattled them to her as I saw them on my blank movie screen in my mind. She told me I described it to a tee. Even down to where the bread box was on the counter.

You can’t chase after these gifts. You can’t wish them into being. You have to pause, grab a friend or join a local group of like minded people in your area, and do it. I was scared. I knew I touched something amazing. I have another psychic story for you. I’ll write it and add a link here in a bit. Ok here it is.

Another rule is if you want good information, accurate information, you have to be in a positive mood to receive. You can’t even be in a receptive mode if your mood doesn’t come up. You have to be excited happy and passionate. Eager. Know it is there. It’s accurate. This is how you also connect with the “one” consciousness. Which means, in the long run, you can do anything you want to. If you want to write a book, don’t go watch television. Go over to your computer, open up Google Docs and invite something to come in. Being in the moment, and having to wait just a few moments until something starts to flutter into your mind. Take the invitation into action.

Sure, I’ve never written before, but no one ever knows what to write about or what kind of style it will take on when the information is delivered. I’m simply following my nose. Using the old Intuition. Seeing where Spirit wants to go.

That thought just led to my remembering of a video I saw with Gabrielle Bernstein. She tells you how to let go. To surrender into the gifts and what Spirit wants you to be doing. You’ll live an amazing life, and an  abundant life when you start following your intuition, the voice connecting you to the infinite divine information super-highway that lies in the “space” around you. When you start doing what you came here to do. To help wake people up. if you’re reading this now, your wings are ready. You’re about to fly. It’s about to go down for a lot of us right now. Comparable to a tidal wave for LightWorkers. Are ready to unite? Are we ready to step up and talk about it, share it, then make a career out of it. It’s your career you pick it, and you’re going to love it and enjoy it, but you’ve come here to help raise consciousness. That is why I started this blog two or three weeks ago. I’ve become obsessed with writing. I’m hungry to move forward, to lift out of this struggling life I have been living and the time is now. This is happening folks. We’re upgrading. Now watch this and know you’re a part of something way bigger than you ever thought you were. Something leading edge and amazing.


You will get to this point. It’s inevitable. We’re all going to become our best selves. It’s all going to work out.





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