Surrender to Heaven on Earth

The sooner you surrender to the requests of your heart, you will feel it. There’s a dimension that comes from your consciousness. It overlaps with third dimension. You’ll know it when you feel it. It’s the voice that you listen to when you pick up something for yourself because you deserve it. You deny inspiration when you put the item back when you get to the register and decide you don’t need it.

That voice is your communication with the Divine, the One Mind, the Super-consciousness. When you’re finally done suffering, and you want to open up spiritually, or channel amazing creations upon this Earth that will bring you abundance and freedom then you have to listen to your intuition. It knows the path of least resistance. Even I have trouble with this and deny it sometimes. There are other times, I take the adventure.

Spirit likes new experiences so you must at least work on changing your routine if it has gone stale. If you have been working hard in the same job with the same schedule every week in exactly the same office with the same view for years on end,  you HAVE to change something. Take a different road, eat something different, eat outside, change offices. You have stifled the adventuresome nature of curiosity. Curiosity helps us expand. We have to do new things. As you give way to this flow, the river, like going downstream everything gets easier. It’s like the more you have faith, and trust your intuition, the more blessings, coincidences, sychronicities, random checks in the mailbox come pouring in from no where.

It seems so easy, but it’s true. If you SURRENDER and ALLOW yourself to go with the flow and you give faith and BELIEF to Quantum Physics, God, The Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, then the more your can manifest anything you want. You will find infinite creativity and infinite abundance. You won’t have a boss anymore. You call the shots.  With modesty and making sure to give back, this is amazing.

You have to know that you deserve to be happy and deserve abundance and freedom. You you have to know that the Universe is made up of energy and that you are a part of that wonderful creation. You’re loved so completely and thoroughly by something bigger than you. You have never felt love so magical in all your life until you feel eternal, infinite, everlasting love. You know you are complete you’re perfect and you are open and receptive and know your worth, all these things are yours. Along with a complete body healing and balancing of all the body’s system, and then onto the return of beauty and grace and sacred geometry. Which is our own natural state if we allow it…

We age because we have been told when we get older, we get wrinkly, get osteoporosis, then we die. Who says we have to believe any of it? Who decided I was going to just accept these beliefs into me?  Doesn’t matter now. I know I know differently now. I had these beliefs for a time but now I believe that I can exist, at some point in time, with with not one single worry in the world. Completely in the moment. Eternally. That’s when I believe I have experienced heaven on Earth.

What I believe, I become right??

If we can get focused enough to create in this moment,  or entering the now, or co-creating then we can learn to run this matrix, hologram, illusion.




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