Why am I fearless about what I write about?

I have nothing to lose. My parents brought me into this world taught me absolutely no structure in which to make it in society. All I have done is try things until I fuck up. Then I try again. I start rebuilding.

My parents never taught me how to make it in this world.

They barely knew how to not beat their kids.

I have told people that my mom and dad experienced very bad things coming from where they were from. They probably watched and went through things that are completely unacceptable these days. They were from Kentucky. I’m going to admit something and own it right now. My parents were 3rd cousins.

Yeah sit on that for a minute. I would have never known the difference but my mom sat me down and told me one day. Maybe she was scared someone would tell me before her and she decided to tell me.  She was the most beautiful loving soul you ever knew. Picture me times 10. Heart of gold. She loved watching people when they were happy. I don’t think she ever found peace before she left, or else she would still be here.

My own explanation is she could not evolve quick enough for what was to come in the last two years. She died on the winter solstice, December 21st, 2014. I AM my mother’s daughter. Finally.




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