More will never be enough. Ever. – Russell Brand

The Universe wants to expand. You are a channel for expansion. You belong to spirit. You can’t escape spirit no matter how you try to ignore it. You will eventually either die, and come back anyway, only to catch up that way, or you open yourself up and have amazing crazy experiences.

The Universe not only wants to skydive from Joe’s perspective, it wants to see skydiving through your eyes! You’re not meant to sit behind a desk all day long and work. There’s something rubbing against the grain there, isn’t there? You always felt it. This can’t be all there is to life. And it isn’t.

What is your creative gift to the world? It can be woodworking and selling it online. We don’t have to be what our parents told us we have to be anymore. Let them get mad. That’s their deal. They got to control our childhoods, why should they get to control our adulthood?? We have a great life to be proud of. But your career should be your choice. Start out doing it on the side for fun. That way no one wigs out. They consider it like a hobby or something. Use this time for practice and learning. Gathering information. Don’t push it into anything else yet. Just rekindle your love for what you gave up for everyone else.

I allowed myself to finally come online as myself. I still don’t feel comfortable calling myself psychic. I think there is a lot of stigma on that word right now. I would definitely be OK with calling myself a very intuitive person. Although I don’t “see” things, I am clairaudient. I ask spirit a question in my mind and there’s almost always some “little voice” that comes right back with an answer. Schizophrenic folks, like my mom was, hear this or these voice(s) rather easily. They’re ultra open. Super sensitive. You take that person and put her in a positive environment, it’s exactly the same as you and I have. They just can hear their angel or guides very much clearer than we can. We’ve blocked it.

I have been playing with energy since I was a teenager. I had no idea I was doing anything, but we all are. We’re constantly shifting and directing and sending intentions just like we send an email. Right through the air, aka the ether. Every time you think a thought, even though you can’t see it energy connects you with that person or whatever you thought about. You’re like a dot and you’re drawing lines to things you think about and attracting it into your world. Remember, we’re magnets. It’s like casting a line with a fishing pole. You cast out a thought out and then you reel in what’s on the other end.

I finally just let go. I decided to expand. I had all of this knowledge being bottled up. Wasted if no one finds out about it or learns what I know. After I started writing I realized the importance of sharing or it does no good at all to have gathered all the information. You’re not allowed to be not important. Your calling is there because we need you to step up. Become part of the village, so to speak. Offer your trade to make the world better. Let everyone benefit from your talents.

No more contracting. You suffer when you resist. You come along walking, or you can come along kicking and screaming. But when you stand up and walk yourself, there are many blessings and wonderful things waiting for you. When you walk in The Light, you are walking in abundance. You will never find abundance the way you are meant to (without a boss) until you start to share yourself with the world.

Remember, if you stop kicking and screaming, you’ll float. Trust. This is where you DECIDE to let go and let God. Quantum physics takes care of it for you. The how is none of your business!! That makes things easier for us though!! You have to believe in the best scenario. It’s just KNOWING.


Love you!



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