Does it make sense that energy does not move without emotion?

I’m trying to get you to see that energy exists in every tiny crack, corner, and every space between every rod and every squiggle. You can’t escape it. Now do something with it. Use it for time interpretation.  Feel the difference in the way time passes when you’re at work and when you’re doing something you enjoy.

That’s a choice.

You can make work go faster. Quit resisting it. In other words, quit dreading it. Look forward to seeing your friends. Quit labeling it as shitty, long-this is the worst, intolerable is probably the worst. I started noticing that time really did seem to pass faster when I was having fun. So what does that make everything else then? Slow? Why would we even say that?? Logically speaking, of course. If we could slow or speed up time, why would we ever say something like that?!? To shorten our time doing what we love? Not hardly. That just goes against being HAPPY all the time.  You are all DIAMONDS.

I let the thought of changing the way I interpret time ping around in my mind a number of times before I could ever type that or speak it before.

On that note,




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