A nice discovery today, Primitives & More…Milford

So I had googled a dry cleaner and it brought me to old Milford from where I was. I thought there were more cleaners around Milford but I guess not. Anyway, when I walked into the cleaners it was like walking back in time. There was an old heavy door with a weird latch pushy downy thing on top. I couldn’t tell if it closed or not behind me, but I’m not used to having a heavy door so of course it was closed. This was like a different world. The man giggled at my quite obvious lack of knowledge how being at the cleaners works. I was lost. i was too busy looking at the character of the place. It fit. Really neat vibe in old Milford Right now. The cleaners is not on Facebook, nor could I find a website for them. It was called Milford Cleaners though on Main Street. Very nice older gentleman helped me out there.

Of course I had to catch a moment of sanity and go see the girls over at Enchanted Moments!! They have excellent classes for any way you might want to influence energy that you want to learn about.. They have a classroom and everything. Here’s their website. They have a nice setup going there. They have an herb room that’s off to itself and private. That was an interesting room. They have cards, gifts, jewelry. It’s got a nice selection of wiccan delights as well. I ❤ those girls. They’re taking to this lifestyle quite easily.

As I was walking I noticed this set of doors that was surrounded by flowers and had a beautiful entrance. It was Primitives and More…Milford.

When you walk in, first of all it smells wonderful. So I know they have candles or herbs or something. I wasn’t sure if they were open or not. The sign on the door said they opened at 11:00 on Mondays. I could hear someone moving about in the store, but I hadn’t rounded enough corners to find them yet. “Are you open?” I asked into the air. A man heard me and came out of somewhere back there and told me yes. He had gotten there early.

This place is a treasure. I told the gentleman, who I am assuming was Tom, that this looked like one of the shops you would find in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have been there a few times and they have some beautifully unique shopping there. Makes shopping enjoyable again. This place was quite charming. It’s they way they have brought together treasures of  days gone by and the creative twist of today’s living. Positive affirmations everywhere. Some for every budget. You can find goodies here from a couple of bucks to whatever you feel like getting! I shared some interesting chatter with Tom. Super nice owner. Now I’ll show you what I mean by goodies!!!


Our little town has changed a lot since I went to high school here in Milford. I’m glad it’s starting to get the love that it deserves. So many neat little places here now.

Here are a few street shots of beautiful downtown Milford, Ohio!


Go eagles!!

Love & Light everyone!




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