Sacred Geometry and Coldplay & Beyonce…connected!

God/the Universe created everything on this planet with beautiful sacred geometry. We are re-balancing ourselves! We are returning to what Creation intended…symmetrical. Inner beauty equals outer beauty.  I am so glad I finally got to share this video with everyone! I love it. It makes so much sense! Creation is all mathematics!!

This explanation is long, but finally! It all makes sense!!!


I always wanted to talk about the Flower of Life. It is explained in the short film above. This is the symbol that Coldplay has all over their new tour tshirts and their new album cover. Do you think they’re trying to tell us something.  They know about this energy business, folks. These are the good guys though. A perfect example of how people might assume in a low vibrational frequency that everyone in music is involved with the forbidden word that starts with an I and ends with an I, that we don’t want to waste anymore time and energy on. We were wrong. The artists have been trying to share information with the masses. We just interpreted it wrong, that’s all. Live life as if it all a miracle and you shall see that it is. They’re probably more along the lines of beckoning us, if anything!!! This is really good stuff right here!!! Can you guys feel it??? YAY!!!!


There’s a lot of awesome artists out there right now. They are cracking me up! They’re putting it put there man…Props to you guys. You’re amazing !!! Muah!! Muah!!! Muah!!! Can you see me throwing kisses to you??(((((hugs)))))

This one has Beyonce in it. This ties directly into the weight loss and returning to our balanced beautiful selves. The masculine energy has been dominant for a long time in society. The feminine energy was next to nonexistent until lately. The more evolved youngest generation has no problem at all being themselves and showing it, even more so than some of us are comfortable with. Especially parents, I’m sure. This is an EQUALING of energies. We’re feeling the burn of the catching up right now. It’s simply the return of the goddess energy. It was bound to happen. Peace & love can’t exist if male and female energy are out of balance. It will peak then taper off. The sacral chakra is being opened in humanity as all this is being done. We are one body. Until we balance it, things could get a little worse before they get better. But everything is ok, in fact we should be celebrating everyday! Here’s Beyonce bringing back the goddess for us. Um, I would like to take back some power. How about you ladies?? I wonder sometimes, what I will look like when I am beautiful. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Now you think it. Imagine it. Open your heart to it. It’s yours.


Love.Love. Love.You. ALL.



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