You are sexy and you’re going to feel that way again

Here’s how I see things. This is my own view. It’s far fetched but you’re going to start seeing this more and more in society. Right now we’re in the beginning stage of the change. Everyone is finally starting to engage in loving their own bodies the way they are. We are ridding our selves of body shaming habits by saying to oneself,”I love myself the way I am.” and “I woke up like this.” (Thanks for the boost Beyonce!!!)”I’m Flawless,” and all of that. She is trying to tell you something. Be you. Once you love yourself from the heart, some pretty amazing things are going to start happening to you.

You’re going to lose weight. Know that. No more pumping cortisol into your bloodstream while hating on yourself. Cortisol is the hormone that comes pouring out of your brain in bucket fulls when you have any other feeling but HAPPY. Our bodies are meant to THRIVE when your vibration is high. This goes from healing yourself all the way to  Hot & Sexy.

If you lower your stress and STOP negative self talk, you will drop that weight and with science, not lies backing it up. This is the Universal Diet. Happiness. Equaling mind body & spirit. Stay happy and you radiate that high vibrational frequency out to the world. You not only get everything you want by treating everyone quite lovely because your heart is open, but your BODY WILL HEAL ITSELF.

Come on. Please work on this. I am losing weight. Say that. Out Loud. Please be prepared for odd pings and dings and joint/muscle pain. Energy will be buzzing around in your body and that’s what you will be feeling. It’s literally going to start moving in your body. Every positive thought, any positive speech, or positive action is going to give energy to creating a new you. Healing yourself. Balancing everything. This prescription is FREE and will work in every case. It all starts in your mind though because thoughts and habits and beliefs create what you speak and do. I give drive thru people things. It doesn’t have to be much, but boy do their eyes light up when you give them a handful of mini Reese Cups. It’s about creating goodness, kindness, and love. This will bring you everything you ever dreamed of. Move into it at your own pace. That’s what I did.

Back  to the random pings, dings, and pains.When they happen to me, sometimes in the moment, I feel the pain for a moment then wonder what it is, by habit. I catch myself thinking that’s something bad going on. Well, like worrying is using imagination to create the wrong thing, the thought you hold about those random pains is exactly what it becomes. Do you ever remember a time that what you said it was did not become true? I didn’t think so. This is how I realized that we are creating our own reality. I started catching stuff like that.

Oooooo weeeeeee!!! I can’t wait until you guys get this!!! Start getting happy. This shit’s real and our lives are about to start improving tremendously. Global lives are going to improve tremendously!!!

Who am I kidding??? We’re everywhere!!! I got nothing but love for you all!!!

Wait til I write the article about not really needing to eat at all!

You guys hang with me now! No fear!

Fear is unnecessary.





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