Worrying is imagining the wrong result

Believe it or not, you are going to get abundance. Right now you have to start becoming your best self. You’re going to be taken care of along the way and I would stop worrying immediately. If you would stop kicking and screaming around in the water, you would realize that you float. Once you are floating and you slow down, then you can look around you and see things for what they really are. You can relax. Relax for a while. When you realize that you can let go of the reins and feel into the trust, man you’ve got gold in your hands. Right then. Right there. Then

You’re always covered. You always have enough to get by on.  All you have to declare in your mind once and for all is that I am a LightWorker. I will be provided for.

Now this works at ANY level of income. What I am looking for is a common ground of faith here . I need trust. I need a solid decision. I need you to say I AM when you’re all hyped up and dancing to your favorite song. I want you to say this










I need you to say it out loud. I’m going to trust that you’ll do it too. We have been quiet for too long. Speech and emotion is how we sprinkle intention like glitter out into the Universe. This is the birthing of something into the physical dimension. For real. I started this very high energy song about co-creation at 2:06 to show an visual example of exactly that. I would highly recommend experiencing the entire. This is also an example of how creative folks are coming out of the spiritual cabinet, so to speak. We’re bravely cutting through the bullshit so you guys don’t have to take years of studying to evolve and catch up! This is such a freaking awesome time to be alive!!! It’s like Heaven on Earth is coming or something!!! If you can only imagine!!!!

I was where you are once. That’s where I have been for 43 years now. Until about two weeks ago. I have been re-conditioning my mind, letting go of the past, and stuffing myself down over this topic for way too many years. This is working for you. Start paying attention to billboard signs, numbers, and funny coincidences. Now you’re speaking the language of the Universe. It’s quite personal. Only your higher self knows you well enough to feed reality to you in the manner that only you would know how to interpret. First stop labeling amazing ways the Universe is trying to talk to you as a coincidence. They’re knocking, we just ain’t listening. Perk up people. Watch for road signs, songs that say something as soon as you push the button. Symbols you might see randomly. Look for ’em dammit! Don’t you want a new car, a amazing home for your family, maybe even your soulmate who is out their waiting for you to straighten up your vibrational frequency?!? Let’s all try to make a REAL effort to play more! Get happier now. If it makes you smile. Work this thing.

Shit. I got off on that topic now didn’t I? It’s all play. All the time. We are to develop our creative gifts, make lots of money, have lots of wonderful and happy times all over this beautiful planet. The creative people have been shamed for way too long. We’ve really been repressed, to be frank. Not enjoyed as an artist’s work should be. It will have it’s rise. You’ll see!

We need the freedom to experience the world freely, and at this moment, that requires abundance. You can only help a few people on the planet by not becoming your best self. But you can help billions by becoming abundant. There’s a very good reason to forge ahead. Give yourself permission to succeed on a larger scale. Go for that job you want. Just when you go to the interview, you could even say this aloud. Everything always works out for me. I always get what I want. Say it even if it feels like you’re making it up, or you don’t feel it. Just do it. Have faith. You’re headed for the Stars!!!




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