Trust me, it won’t take long to get in the receptive mode

I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed that I would have gotten a free healing treatment by walking up to someone and asking if they would like to participate in my blog. First of all, I would have never asked the next table I liked if it had not been for the woman who got a little angry because I was taking pictures of her crystals.

She said to me,”Did you ask to take pictures of the stones..?” I was so high on energy I answered,”yes I should ask them. That was disrespectful of me, wasn’t it?” She answered,”no, you need to ask me. You didn’t ask me to take pictures of my stones.” I apologized and as I did she handed me her card. “Now you can take pictures. As long as you give me credit, I don’t mind.” She was in it for the business, I knew this. But she stil taught me something about respectful blogging.

She also flung the door wide open to ask the next table, which I did. Obviously. You can read about that healing here. Those people just wanted someone hungry like me. Now they help open the flood gates of creativity. I know once my writing catches the attention of random folks that I have not aligned with as of yet, things will change forever for me. Creativity is infinite folks. You’ll never run out of ways to create. Whether it’s painting, songwriting, coloring, writing, creating memes. You’ll never stop receiving once you get aligned with spirit.

When those folks at Ascended Pyramids did what they did with those funny looking copper pyramids, my life changed. It’s like I had gotten shock therapy or something. Intention is everything, so they just focused that healing energy down into my chakras and blasted my ass with healing light.

Of course there’s way more things in the world to receive like the house in the environment you want it in, traveling, shopping. But there’s nothing like being treated well. Nothing like receiving a nice gift. You can expect them from the Universe too. Just relax, be yourself. Expect miracles!!!! Create them! You have the ability!!!!

Heading out to the day job now. Eww. I’d rather stay home and write all day!!!

Just FYI, I am looking into some options as far as starting a podcast or as online radio show. I’m feeling more of a podcast since I am kind of a lone wolf at the moment. I will get there. Level by level!

Enjoy life and STAY OPEN to new experiences and miracles!!!



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