LightWorkers are on fire now!!

We were all meant to enjoy life. We’re meant to play. To level up and free ourselves of the the system without losing our peace. We beat it by becoming our best possible self. We release our creative gifts unto the world. The World won’t be able to resist your light ! Once we get to that level of accomplishment, you will start to want to give back by way of your gratitude.

From there we can make a bigger difference. We can start buying from online entrepreneurs. Buying from people and companies and people that you resonate with. The internet offers us that opportunity now to buy from someone else and remove our dollars from the pockets of corporate companies. Buy food locally. There’s lots of ways we can make this world OUR world again.

I think a hot issue right now for everyone is the presidential election in the United States this year. This is an issue I have no control over. I have handed this one over to my faith entirely. I know good always beats evil and I just know in my heart that Bernie Sanders is coming on strong. He’s our next president and do you know why? Because it’s time. It’s time for equality in America. If we can wrangle this beast to the ground, the whole corporate America running everything deal, the re-creation of wealth, big business paying their share of taxes like everyone else. We can free ourselves and this world is headed toward accepting everyone for exactly who they are. We will flourish and color the world. Ego has to go.

There will be many exiting the planet to come back to start over. Some are too far gone. They’ll be brought back in to the physical dimension by today’s modern parents who are already more enlightened and positive, with way less ego. We’ll all end up on pretty close to the same level of evolution, at the same time.

We would not have a need for food stamp programs if wages were raised. Any person with a heart knows they are worth more than $7.50 an hour. Come on that’s not a livable wage. People can eat better on Food Programs than they can working. Depression brings about drug addiction and homelessness. Can’t we see how this cycle works? When moral and mood are down, we’re easy to step on and control. Some of us have heavier conditioning than others. Resistance will prove futile.

In my world, it’s energetically impossible for Trump to win. Our shift is already underway. There’s too many awake people voting. Yes. I believe in the system the founding fathers set up for us. I believe their vision got lost when people found out they could have power with money. People are awake now though. And we’re going to vote this year, right everyone?

Lately, I was inspired to go to the office supply and buy one of those white markers you can write on your car windows with. On the day before the Ohio primaries, I wrote Feel the Bern 2016 on my back windshield. I had a meeting at work that day in Downtown Cincinnati. I was going into the belly of the beast. I loved it! I had to do it! It was important to me. I almost got ran off the road like 4 times. I could feel the republican eyes all around me as I danced my way to work and back that afternoon! These sleeping sheep are not always the friendliest people. God love their little boogered up souls. <3<3<3

Here’s my 1994 Chevy Ass Kicker. With decoration, of course!


Bernie’s our guy. He has the track record to prove it too. The other guys don’t have a chance. Watch for a shift in the energy. The media just talks a lot of hoo haa about who’s “leading the pack” because a lot of those people stand to have to pay their taxes if we gave America hope about Bernie Sanders.  Plus, the little bird landed on his podium during a speech!! To us LightWorkers, that’s what we call a synchronicity! You can call it a sign from the divine we’re on the right path. A meaningful coincidence. Lovely proof from the creator. Yay!!! Team LightWorkers!

And there it is. The elephant in the room. We talked about it.

I love you to the moon and back!

See you soon!




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