Here’s why I want to teach people about energy.

This is life changing stuff folks. It’s real. You don’t realize what you’re not improving in your life by not incorporating ways to lift your mood and change your intentions. People are walking around sleepwalkers. They can’t break away from crazy, distracted, internet, politics, and news world long enough to realize what’s going on around them. If you want to be one of the last ones being dragged down the flusher, then so be it.

I’m not. We LightWorkers are like this 24/7. We’re reading in line in stores on our phones, on Facebook sharing pics and memes. We’re on our shit. Some are REALLY just waking up. Getting a taste of the good life popping in and out of a completely peace filled world that we are creating with our thoughts. We see glimpses of it when we get the best parking spot, when we see 1111 everywhere. That’s been with me my whole life. The 1’s. I rode bus #11 for years. I was always #11 on teams. I was server 56 and when you add it together, that makes 11. It was enough for me to realize it was a consistent signal.

Anyhow, this sweet little family came to the restaurant yesterday afternoon. It was getting close to me being cut for the day. But being who I am, I try really hard to make the last person’s experience just as great as the first. They seemed like they were trying so hard for peace & organization but something was off kilter.They were having such a rough time, pulling things together. The mom looked stressed, dad was a little detached. Kids were better after eating. It just felt like there was a lot of chaos in this family.

That’s who I want to help. The people who have no ideas that their lives can improve. They’re lost in the swirl and chaos of a world they feel they have no control over. They’re still sleeping, although some parts can be quite nightmarish. It’s true. If you don’t know about energy, you struggle as a family unit, you don’t know you can heal your own body, you don’t know your own poverty can end.

Now that I’ve unleashed myself to the world, I realize that I’m a part of everything going on and we need to level up. Integrate it and talk about it. It’s already being done in music videos, song  lyrics, and lots of mainstream television. Look for it. We’re re-programming people’s minds and this shift is on. We need your help. You’re part of this co-creative planet. Make the jump. Start using your voice. I am starting with a blog. I only share it with about 15 groups on Facebook. That’s all. All I need is a few solid fans. Momentum will do the rest. Push past the butterflies in your stomach and do it. Whatever your it is. KNOW you got this!Good always beats evil and love always wins.





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