Slipping into the Light

As I have slipped more into the energetic side of life rather than staying so grounded all the time, I can’t begin to stress the importance of faith. When you start through the wormhole of believing in infinite possibilities, you will naturally become more careful and mindful of what you’re calling into and manifesting in your life.

Maybe you have someone at work that’s really grinding your gears. You simply can’t participate in that energy struggle anymore if you want to start pulling amazing things into your life. It has to end. Do what needs to be done. Stop letting what they are doing or saying affect you. What they think or do is absolutely none of your business.

You are struggling and angry and you are sending that signal to the universe that you want more of that. Listen if you have been with the Law of Attraction since The Secret came out, then you know this. Now you’re going to learn to control it. Tap out. Quit creating a low vibrational frequency around yourself.

That is THE number one rule of Law of Attraction, what you focus on, you’re attracting. Stop focusing on garbage. Not meaning the person is garbage. They’re just caught in the energetic swirl as well. They probably have no clue about any of this. You have help. You have an entire online community that will be glad to talk to people if you can push yourself into posting it.

Another nice perk of slipping through the rabbit hole a little more, is that you start to lose fear. The more you step outside the box and NOTHING happens, the braver you get. That’s why you have people like me who are fine with chatting to you about it. This is my passion. Someday it will be my career. I’m a high school graduate who bartended and had a lot of fun for almost 20 years. I’m letting that go now to follow my dream of becoming a respected writer and possibly a life coach.

I woke up like this.

You Are Flawless. Know That.



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