Look for the little energy blasts between these two…

They are subtle, but they are there. I didn’t see them the first few times I watched this. I could see that they were being pushed or pulled by some force. Then i must have been looking at the right spot at the right time and I saw the ripples around the energy.

You may blow these things off that I am talking about, but you shouldn’t. We can’t manipulate energy, perform telekinesis, or levitate….yet.

But what you think about, you create. Artists know what’s up, and they’re showing us. Telling us. Maybe it is make believe right now, but with mirror neurons working without you knowing it, you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Evolution is here. Your body and mind will mimic what it sees, absorbs, and is surrounded by. Technology is helping  things along nicely. Everyone is already having the sensations of wanting something instantaneously. Shouldn’t be long now.

I even saw a show called Blind Spot the other night on prime time with the police officer speaking to the spirit of her ex who had been dead for some time.

You know what I like? Videos with levitation in them. I’m gonna see if I can find one.

Til next time…



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