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Ok. I am going to explain this. Believing that you are creating your own reality becomes way easier when you hear it explained with the science from Dr. Joe Dispenza. Don’t try to YouTube him or Google him. His best and most progressive talks are on Gaia TV. It’s like a Netflix service for Spirit Junkies.

He explains in one of his talks with Regina Meredith, how to live by the laws of energy instead of living by the laws of thermodynamics. An easier way to explain this is he is saying that you can experience life from a different consciousness. It’s kind of a different “place” in your mind. The rules are different there and here’s the thing. Once you open that door and experience what’s on the other side, you can’t ever come back. You know something has changed forever in you.

Here’s the catch. How do you get there? You do not have to meditate for decades. But you might meditate one time with a very open and receptive mind and have a mind blowing experience. You can do something like I did at the psychic fair over the weekend. I allowed myself to receive healing treatments. I didn’t even realize I needed it. So if you are bored spiritually, please find something to do to relax. Get a massage. Get an energy healing with crystals. Get hypnotized. Do something to heal yourself now.

Amp up your energy to take a peek at the infinite void. Once you peek your head down the rabbit hole, you’re hooked.

We need you to be healed and healthy to contribute.  Go get a damn healing.



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