and the one you’ve all been waiting for, my libido is up

This is quite an uncomfortable piece for me considering people who work with me will probably read this. Anyhow, it’s an important topic and it complete’s part of your body’s healings.

You have to know that each of the chakras have coinciding body parts near or around them that will start to dis-ease if your chakras are not open. Each organ can be healed by balancing that chakra.

I guess it was my sacral chakra and my crown chakra that were clogged. Creativity is off the charts. So is my sex life. My husband and I tore each other up the last couple nights. My blog hits are up. There’s life pre-pyramid and life post-pyramid. Post is heading up in all directions!

Get your chakras balanced folks. The only person feeling awkward in an energy healing is you. The healer is cool. Go do it. Feel better in mind and body. Integrate the new coming energies.

It’s All Good. Life Rocks.



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