I guess once you start raising your vibration, you can start to see that this is true. Who decided hundreds of years ago that people were going to assign a calorie count to a piece of food?

When we come into this world we are tiny and depend on everyone else in this world to take care of us and protect us and allow us to grow and learn. We learn and absorb everything we become later in life through our parents and the people our parents put us in the company of.

Unfortunately, this goes for the whole of society as you grow up. We’ll take food, for example. You probably grew up believing apples are good for you. You may have learned that chocolate was only good for you in small amounts. Quite a few of us learned that carbs are bad and that they will absolutely cause you to gain weight. Right there is a perfect example of past conditioning. Someone assigned intent and caused you to believe and accept something about that item. Right then and there, it was assigned that label for life. At least until you change your belief or today’s modern science proves the whole caloric assignment phenomenon irrelevant. Which it has.

Calories don’t exist. They’re only a restriction that your mind has placed on yourself. Nowadays, we know that everything is energy. We can back it all up with quantum physics. So we the people, who are not scientists or quantum physicists, can make the declaration that food is all energy. It’s mostly empty space. It doesn’t really exist and we’re all energy. WE don’t really exist, then the only thing that makes us fat is our thoughts. Our intentions. Our guilt that we experience in the moment we are consuming the food. We are creating our own reality. Stop programming your food to make you fat. We’re saying in our minds, this is bad. I can already see myself gaining weight from eating this and giving that thought all the e-motion (energy in motion) and jet fuel it needs to create exactly what you just conjured up in your mind. It’s true. Stop doing it now.

Take this spin on things. Why it that we enjoy every single thing that has been assigned a high calorie value? Maybe because it raises our vibrational state? It brings us joy and pleasure when we eat it. We become content and happy eating foods that remind us of childhood. We love exquisite chocolate. Some compare it to sex. It puts us into a blissful state.

The ugly truth is, you can control folks that are in a lower vibratory state. All of that is changing now. We have to really practice forgive and forget here everyone. We are, after all, the LightWorkers. Let’s just charge forward knowing that we got this from here on out. The system is cracking.

Quit saying in your mind OR aloud,”This is making me sooo fat.” Because it will. Thoughts create things. This is your new prescription for your obesity. Quit assigning caloric value to food. Most importantly, don’t feel guilty for anything you eat. Don’t allow anything anyone else says to affect your thinking. Eat only things that make you happy. They did it that way on purpose. It’s over now, people are waking up, but it’s true. Our country is only now moving into the magic and the truth that the men who created this country intended it to become. The land of the Free. Truly Free.

This makes me excited because I am quite heavy right now. Pretty dense. Carrying a lot of conditioning. But with this perspective, I can easily lose my extra weight by allowing this to slowly sink in. This isn’t an overnight thing for me.  I have to let it sit there, and allow myself to believe this. To slam down on a new evolutionary destiny. My choice makes it real for me. That’s where I’m collapsing the wave into the particle. Taking a thought and giving it a reality in my mind. I am ready. Then, as with other truths, I eventually allow it into my heart. Once I allow that, I know the weight will fall right off. This is amazing. This can save lives. We need to share this information people. See how the shift is moving now? This is our birthright. We’re in a matrix. Create something amazing.

A new you.

OMG I love you guys and I love my life so much right now.

This is the best article I have ever written by far. I know this because I am tingling and get cold chills. Please share this!

❤ from the heart!


Welcome to the next step in evolution. Creative living.



  1. I thoroughly believe this. I’ve read other channeled material about this. I can show numerous examples from my own life that will back this up. DOES take time because the social conditioning runs soooooooooooooooooooooo deep. We’re evolving though. We’re getting there 🙂

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