Sneaky ways to raise the vibration in your home

Are you tired of getting razzed for being intrigued and drawn toward things of a spiritual or energetic nature? Do you suffer repeated drops in your vibration by absorbing or being offended by someone poking fun at your for enjoying things that might be classified as psychic? You can shift this energy. You just need a fresh perspective. Remember, you’re smarter than them for the time being! LOL! You know more about the way reality works than a lot of folks on the planet right now! We’re on the leading edge.

We need that momentum to push forward, so less people have to suffer physically from things a doctor cannot cure. To free people of disease. To save our planets’ resources. To ultimately, ascend. That’s a whole different article. But we can no longer allow them to break our energy level. We have a planet to save and people to cure!

Create sacred geometry, but in a subtle way. Pyramids are the best shape for bringing in and directing energy toward someone or something. You can bring in the power of pyramids by the way you hang your pictures, candles, and other pretties. Get creative. Play with this. Have fun with it! This way no one says you’re being weird for believing in evolved thinking and things of a psychic nature. You can stir triangles into your soups as you cook. Definitely become aware of your emotions in the kitchen. Your husband will complain the chili “tore him up for some reason this time.” I should have balanced my energy before cooking that night. I was really angry when I cooked that chili though, just between me & you!!!  Oops!

Use air fresheners. You can use this easy recipe from Aura Cacia for Spring Fresh Room Spray or just buy some at your local store. I found mine at Meijer. Try lifting the mood with this one. They don’t have the one I have online. They must have created new ones. That’s great because we’re constantly evolving and welcoming new experiences!!

Try picking out a beautiful bell or some nice wind chimes that you have fallen in love with the sound of. Ring them though out the house with the intention in mind to protect and surround your family with only the most wonderful experiences, love, miracles, and abundance! Ring them while no one is home. They will never know!!

Does your partner or spouse snore? Do they have insomnia? Are you seeing them experience symptoms that seem oddly close to what we have all been through as far as ascension symptoms? Do you want to help them somehow, but they are resistant to any metaphysical or “stupid psychic crap?” Go right now to your nearest metaphysical shop. If you live in Cincinnati, Enchanted Moments is my favorite one. Pick out crystals or stones that offer the shift in the energy that you are looking for. Take them home and as you are hiding them under the side of the bed that they sleep on, be sending them healing energy and gratitude to the Universe for healing them because you know it shall be done! 🙂

These ways offer you a good place to start. I’m sure you can come up with other fun ways to raise the vibration in your home.

The folks that tease us or even critique us over our beliefs just don’t understand. They are literally on a different level than you are vibrationally, and you can’t go back. You can un-know what you know. You already know that everything is energy and that YOU CAN control it! Let’s get this party started, my friends. This way to the rabbit hole everybody!!!


If they won’t let go and come willingly, we will just drag them ourselves…lol!           With love as the intention, as always!

Speaking of love, I love you guys!

Thanks for supporting my blog!!

L& L





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