My mind-blowing experience at the psychic fair today

Sweet baby Jesus. I have been tingling, trembling, even visible shaking a little. For almost two hours now. I have a constant humming sound/feeling zipping around inside maybe like my nervous system? It was a little unnerving when I first raised up from lying on the table. That’s only the words I can use to describe what I felt after having a healing session with Ascended Pyramids.

It literally felt like time stopped, first of all. I was in my body but had a really buzzy feeling throughout my entire core. I even felt some sensation when my sacral chakra opened. Hello.

So I will share with you, in lay terms, what I feel is going on during this process. It’s a commonly known fact that historians know the pyramids were special. They were actually built to line up astrologically for a number of reasons, built by aliens or humans utilizing some kind of telekinetic powers, and maybe even the less commonly heard reason. The pyramids were built in the shape they are built for a reason. They channel energy.

The apex (top) of the pyramid allows concentrated energy to be directed downward into the base of the structure. This can also be done for any number of reasons or with any possible intention. This can also be done on a smaller scale. We can use them on the body to heal.

What these folks were doing was manipulating and directing concentrated energy through copper pyramids. Copper pyramids. Copper is one the best metals for channeling the flow of energy. I couldn’t wait to take a ride on this magic carpet!!

So what happens, is you lie down. They ask to put these fluffy noise cancelling headphones on you. I remember thinking this is not music at all. It was like some kind of buzzing noise, but still soft and calming.

That was right before I fell down the rabbit hole right there in Grand Central Station. People are milling about about 8 feet away chatting away while I’m up and out. I fell up and out into nothingness oh about, instantaneously. This stuff was powerful. I mean it came in gradually but once it was on me, it was on me. Get me? I was out to lunch. But I could still feel the pings and dings and zips of energy shooting through me. I have been carrying some heavy things with me. I was so clogged up, but I didn’t know it in my body until something came in and re-calibrated me. Yeah. It made that big of a difference.

Here’s the wild part. Everything started equaling out and the rest of my body, from my neck down, started calming down into balance and peace. My mind was still chattering away. I could hear myself thinking how nice these people were and what I way going to  say in the blog. Figures the ego is the last thing to go. Of course. But that’s when I caught myself. I had a choice to make. I surrendered. I just stopped thinking.

I felt my shoulders drop and my arms lost the tenseness (is that even a word??) that I did not even know I had. My arms were locked in. Tensed up. I felt my whole top half relax and expand. I had let go. I felt good. Except the residual soreness I was feeling once I let my arm muscles relax. For every internal thought, there is a physical reaction in the body. Stop saying awful things to yourself this is what it does to our bodies!

I was proud of myself. I let go and I entered the the void.

It was amazing and exhilarating!

Nothing but peace and quiet and love there for everyone!

You guys HAVE to try this. Contact them. Maybe they travel, and it would be worth a couple hour’s drive to get this done. It’s not that expensive. Around $25-$50 was the going rate for comparable experiences. Plus, you cannot even begin to know what this does for your body cells and healing you physically. It’s like a power boost. It’s like taking a short cut for healing on all levels! You have to do this for yourself.

This healing does not need your permission to work or come true.  It does not need you to believe in it. This real. This is what we call metaphysical. It’s where the physical world and the energetic world blend.

This is one of many balancing methods you can try. If you don’t like this one, try something else. But I guarantee you something. You’re going to feel this healing.

It is literally mind-blowing.

Jump to the Ascended Pyramids website

To read more about pyramid power, go here:

To learn a little more about pyramid power check out this conference in Chicago!



My new friends!


🙂   Shine on Superstar




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