Eternal Life?

Nobody wants to talk about this one. I can feel that. That’s exactly why I had to I had to talk about it. Let’s cut to it then..

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you have thought of it, it can be done. Whatever way you put it, it’s one of the basic building blocks of what we learned about the Law of Attraction. You can have in your reality, anything that you can think of. ANYTHING.

Even the most precious gift. Eternal life. Ponder it. Let it swim a little in your mind for a while. Could I even glimpse something so blessed? Not even for a whole 60 seconds in my mind. I couldn’t allow it. It was too much for my Christian-born mind to even raise a thought to. Jesus was the only person that could have eternal life, right?

Well, he was a human, the Son of God, and plus he had all those other cool powers we’re cool with evolving into. Telekinesis, remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience,and every other super power you can think of.

I believe in eternal life. I believe we have really missed the boat on this one for a while now. I believe we have way more power than we ever gave ourselves credit for. But now we know better. Now we have each other. We are protected. Protected always.

You just don’t realize you are and the role you play in this awakening do you? Honey, you on the long boat to China. You’re a leader. You are always protected by The Light. You can still create from moment to moment, but you won’t get into such a pickle that you can’t survive or get out of. You’re on the the right side. As long as your intentions are in the light, you’re always protected.

If this confuses you, hang in there. It flows together quite easily for me now. It did not always. If you want help understanding ascension, Law of Attraction or anything at all, contact me on Facebook or join a group on Facebook. Chances are you already know you are different than everyone around you and you have no one to talk to. Find someone. We’re all over the internet. Get around like-minded people. Stop letting people tell you you’re crazy. Stop thinking you are crazy. This is real. 5D is in full effect.

I finally feel it. The energy. I can’t wait til you can.

LOVE and HUGS!!!!





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