What are you creating right now?

Take a look at yourself right now. Where you are, what you’re wearing, how you feel. Do you feel anxious, stressed, jumpy, in a period of big change? What kind of hormones are you pumping out into your body right now?

If you are not relaxed, without worry, happy or joyful I’m afraid the answer to that comes as bad news. Your brain releases chemicals based on your emotional state of mind. Do you want your brain shooting crap into your body? The hormones that tell your body to hold onto fat, to make cancer, or clog your arteries. That’s what comes shooting out of your brain when you’re freaking out over a paper, worrying about your arguing parents, or allowing anything to worry you at all. The worry has to go.

The junk you’re still mad over from the past has to go, the worrying over the future has to go. The only option is to learn to live in the moment. Trust. Have faith. Know. Decide. Expect it. Believe in it. Allow yourself to fully believe.

You don’t have to tell a soul you’re doing it! It’s your mind, take control of what you think about. Now. Today. Grow into your beautiful soul!!!!

Free Your Mind



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