Allowing creativity…with a sprinkle of Quantum Physics (magic)

We don’t need to push or strain to create something. We need only have patience. All I did was sit down, open WordPress on the computer and allowed something to come.

I went to the point of looking at the blank screen with the cursor flashing. Then I trusted, welcomed, and expected creativity to come.Show the Universe that you’re willing to accept something.Get in receptive mode. That means trust and faith and using the words I CAN, I WILL and I AM.

Dr. Joe Dispensa said something that made a lot of sense to me on a recent Gaia TV show. He said,”Whenever you say I am anything, you are commanding the present moment into a destiny.” Basically he is saying that you have made a choice from all the infinite possibilities in the Universe and changed it from the wave form into particle form. Your mind just changed something that was in WAVE form floating around out there in the ether and locked it into particle form. Which is EXACTLY how thought turning into things. That is CREATION IN ACTION! Your mind JUST created matter.

We all do this all day long. It’s taking some time to adjust our thinking patterns to catch this when while we’re actually doing it. You’ve got the power. I’ve got the power. We’re learning together. I’ll share my crazy times with you. I don’t mind sharing the messes and drama I accidentally create. Because ultimately, I’m a writer. Writing is full of emotion. You have to become vulnerable.We will learn together.

Keep believing in your dreams. Keep thinking about them, because Napoleon Hill said whatever you program your subconscious mind with over and over it will start to believe. Then it gains momentum, then it starts behaving like it IS what you have been thinking and saying aloud for so long! It doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and real. You just keep knowing it and allowing yourself to believe!!! This is real. It has to do with neuroplasticity.  Look it up!

I know my writing will spark interest somewhere with someone sometime. But it won’t happen if I don’t sit down and invite it in. I BELIEVE. I am a New York Times Best Selling author! My brain is starting to act like it now. By simply allowing myself to write, make mistakes, learn, and succeed!!!

Keep you dreams alive! Allow yourself the permission to try.

I promise you will love it and feel the spark when you do!!!

We all fall time to time. Get back up and try again.

Know you are having the best day ever, simply because you deserve it!!!!




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