Victory of Light Festival this weekend in Cincy

Link to the agenda this weekend.

Victory of Light Psychic Festival at Sharonville Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have been going to this psychic festival for a few years now. This thing has doubled and tripled in attendance. I mean, you have to go early or you’ll be standing in line forever just to get in on Saturday. We need a larger venue soon. It’s cold waiting to go in!!! We’re queens and kings and we don’t like freezing outside Victor!!

Well, I will be there for the purpose of two things. Connecting with people and attending the seminars. Some seminars don’t rub me the right way energetically. There was one the last time which literally made me want to stand up and correct the woman. She had people heading in the wrong direction, emotionally and energetically. Use discernment. If it doesn’t feel good, get up and leave. Utilize your access to information wisely. Don’t sit and listen out of empathy. Get up and go do and listen to, and be around what resonates with you, my friend!

This festival is amazing and the growth just confirms everything we already know. Times are changing and we are in a New Age! People are starting to explore their spiritual selves!!

Love life and live it up. Get out to the psychic fair this time and get around like minded people. It’s like you have entered Wonderland. Magic is a state of mind, consciousness. You will know it when you feel it! Have fun! Maybe I will see you there!!



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