Infinite possibilities people. It is part of our evolution. Your time as a caterpillar is over. Your wings are ready. If it interests you, try it. Focus on it. Think about it all the time. Do it with gratitude so to create the feeling of already having it. Make it happen.

The way I got to this point was easy. Simply believing in the Law of Attraction, then watching it work in real time, right before my eyes caused me to lose my mind. Or at least the cage my mind was in. I can let go enough to ponder such thoughts as eternal life. Yes, I said it. Never dying. Never having to bother re-creating my self. Not if I don’t want to anyway. Anything you can imagine in your mind is possible. It’s already taking place as well, in a parallel universe. At least that’s what scientists are saying. All you have to do is reel it in.

Taking infinite possibilities into account, think of what that can mean for your life today. So, you want to learn to surf without fear. Go buy a board and hop on. Let Spirit guide you with what you want to do in your heart.  There’s nothing stopping you but that cage you have around your mind. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We have all been under a spell, so to speak for a very long time. We’re awake now to the truth. We can shift our focus and energy to bring whatever we want into our experience. We are magnets.

I think a lot of us have just been dumbed down by anxiety and having to provide for our families and have to manage childcare. Things have not been ideal for us to think about ourselves. But honestly, you HAVE to come first. You can’t serve from an empty cup as the saying goes. Can you sacrifice being selfish for the sake of upgrading your family in the long run? When you are happier, it raises your frequency, so you attract more of what you want. You cannot do this by being sad and resentful for always, always giving to others. You learn to love yourself by allowing good things into your experience when you have a chance. You know them when you see them. You know, all the times you almost did something for yourself, and at the last minute, cancelled or took it back? That’s your higher self trying to guide you! You must listen. It’s key in moving forward.

Here’s what my finding was. If I go to Planet Fitness and I tan and use the HydroMassage, that is loving myself. I am taking a HALF-HOUR for myself. You can’t just go and spend two hours working out. You have to reward your body with love for performing for you. The massage increases circulation throughout the body and your blood is your lifeline to your muscles, bones, and organs. Even if you get the membership for $20 a month, the Black Card, and only tan and massage a few times a week, I guarantee you will see your health and well being improve.

What have you done lately to explore infinite possibilities? Whatever it is, if you involve loving and being thankful for the experience, you will get the results you want. Expect it, believe it’s coming and don’t think about it anymore. Just keep heading in the new direction.

OMG have you seen the video of Chelsea Handler moving 500 pounds of weights across the gym floor by herself. It’s amazing. More and more people are allowing themselves to believe and receive the evolutionary gifts that are our birthright! Watch this shit. She believes she is strong, and so she is.

Chelsea Handler moves 500 pounds, and a dude, across the gym floor

Well, I must hit the pause button on the blog, for my assistance is required at the restaurant. My shift starts in a couple hours.

Create a wonderful day and enjoy yourself.

No matter what it takes!



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