Do you know who you really are?

You are God. Incarnate into a physical body.When you get your head wrapped around that, let me know!! That’s how it was for me. Watch a movie called Three Magic Words. It offers a lot of clarity for you. When you start dipping your toe in the water, letting that thought bounce around in your head time to time, you’ll start to allow a little more in. There’s a whole new paradigm to grasp as you begin exploring this concept. So let’s move slowly, shall we?

We’re all connected where we are by a universal force called ether, air, space. But it’s not empty. Not by any means at all. It’s electrically charged. If you can picture that in your mind. It’s alive with energy. No space is empty. It’s all us. Universally connected. Might as well add a visual.

Say you put golf balls into a big jar, and pretend it’s our bodies. Then you take and pour sand into the jar. It fully surrounds and fills that area around the golf balls completely. That is how energy exists surrounding your body. It’s milling around us all the time. I can see that pretty clearly when I use my imagination.

So, the only thing that prevents us from realizing this is simply not acknowledging it. We should know this sort of discovery of tremendous proportions, but we do not. For reasons that I choose not to discuss in order to hold the frequency I am holding. It’s over and now we know the truth. Let’s start utilizing this shit. Integrating it into our lives.

Thank you Abraham, Ester & Jerry for the amazing amount of knowledge you have shared with me. Some of it was easier to take in when I utilized my intuition, but boy when it all clicked! I went back and re-listened to quite a few just saying,”Ohhhh! That’s what that meant!!! Now it makes so much sense!” She kept saying connecting with Source energy and utilizing the Energy that creates worlds, things like that.

People, this will click for you like using a guide in haircutting finally clicked for me in hair school. Once you give your mind permission to believe it, you’ll see immediately how you created your “past.” I use the word past in quotes because we could almost throw that word away now knowing what we know creatively speaking. The only way you can make Law of Attraction do you any good is by slowing your thinking down to this very moment. Utilizing every thought and holding that mood. That’s why a lot of people really benefit by meditating in the morning and setting that mood in their mind. You have a better chance of holding it maybe?

I’m more of a breaking a horse kinda girl. I NEVER meditate. I couldn’t sit still long enough. I am still connected to my intuition all day, every all, all day long. People slip into holding their mood differently. Nothing is the wrong way. Just get in a good mood and stay there.

I’ve run out of information to channel, er, write about. BTW, we all are channels. Literally, as we surrender to the insane bomb I dropped in the first sentence of this article. You’ll start to become yourself more. Your abundant, creative, charming, high potential version. Guess what. You can and will become your best self!!!

Love & Light!!!



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