I just went peeping tom on a republican’s Facebook page…

Man, was that a hot mess. I was just now on Google docs writing up a storm with all this hate and anger. Ready to post my opinion for the world to see! My sword drawn running full speed ahead. Then I caught myself.

I almost contributed to the wrong energy. Even though I was defending the good guy (#feelthebern) I was about to stoop to that level, and that’s not what this is about. When you back up and look at the big, big picture, we don’t want to actually hand over our time and efforts to anything having to do with bringing on a negative emotional state of mind. Remember, what you resist, persists with energy.

If you are resistant to Trump becoming president, for example. You are fighting it with emotional energy by thinking about it a lot, or spending physical energy online defending the good guy (#feelthebern), then watching the news and voicing your anger over it with friends, then guess who is sucking up all your time and energy. You’re wasting precious time and sacrificing things you enjoy like your kids. Your family. You’re on our side. Relax. We already have this. We get what we want by focusing on it. By turning our attention to it.

Here’s how I think of it. If our vibrational frequency raises or lowers based on our emotional state. If you are fighting or defending what emotion is that attached to? Anger, hate, sadness, disgust, malice. Where is that putting you in the scheme of things with the Law of Attraction? Not looking too good for you attracting a better job, a soulmate, or a bigger home. Nope. Down the tubes. You have to stop giving your focus to Donald Trump. I am not saying to agree with him. Just let him be.

You don’t have to go over and be a cheerleader for the good guy (#feelthebern) either. His momentum is there. They never show how good he’s really doing because remember who owns the press. Certain folks would probably benefit quite a bit by seeing Mr. Trump win. So they may be a little more heavy handed with the “Trump is Winning” fantasy they’re trying to force feed us on the news. My opinion is that if they present things to you in a certain manner, you may be so inclined as to believe that Trump is winning by a landslide and you may unconsciously decide that we don’t have a chance to win, so why should we bother. Then you may not even bother to vote, based on poo poo. That is quite the landslide effect, indeed.

Snap out of it, folks. Don’t PAY with your attention any longer. Stop looking and listening in that direction. Then go vote when it’s time.

Have faith. Believe, and do it with child-like wonder. That’s the magical and creative element we have been missing. Believe in Magic again…Expect Miracles.

The good guy (#feelthebern) has a great team and has dedicated his entire life to the equality of all people. His track record shows it. You can see it for yourself. Good will always beat evil, my friends. Did you ever really doubt it had to be any other way? Something always told you that inside you. You wouldn’t be chasing the Law of Attraction if you didn’t believe in just a little magic in the world.

Own it. Know it. We got this. The Good Guys Are Winning!!!!!


First, have a kick ass day in your mind. Then watch it unfold in your reality…

Oh, and be-fucking careful what you wish for, Think that shit through…just FYI

Ladies, now you know why you never grew out of loving GLITTER!!!!



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