I have felt a TILT in my energy lately

As some of you know, my power went out for twelve hours. This on the tail end of a very sad day that started off by attending the services for the loss of my husband’s grandma. Needless to say it was a trying, emotional day for us all.

But during the the two days I have had off, I have felt a shift. I feel like we just had a major upswing. Like a lot of people were forced to face their lives, the way that they have created them. When the power goes out, there’s nothing you can do to run from your life. Can’t hide doing laundry, dishes, or watching television. There’s no Facebook. It’s time for The Real to step in. You’re back to the stone ages, baby. You either want it or you don’t.

It was major help for me. I’m learning to hold my energy steady, even during a small crisis. I had to deal with a little resistance from the spouse, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Spring has sprung and it is time for action. What would make your life just a little better? Try doing something that JOLTS you alive with a little enjoyment. You better pick up your pace.Things are gonna get a little more intense this year with the truth is on it’s path to reach everyone. More creative people are moving into more abundance, all you do is trust. We are creating peace.




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