I just manifested some new Skechers by believing I am worthy…

I was allowing myself to believe that I was going to be wasting my time by contacting Skechers by email about my work shoes. I had spent $70 on them but they proved a bad pick for the level of support I needed for work. I was brushing off an opportunity to believe in a different possibility. But I caught myself.

I thought about it again and I knew it couldn’t hurt to contact them. I had been thinking previously that this was $70 down the tubes, but maybe if TRIED, something would happen. I stayed optimistic, as I had explained in my email that I enjoy the causal shoes when I didn’t have to worry about spending so much time on my feet. I just had to have a more substantial shoe for serving.

Guess what happened. They replied to my email quite quickly and offered me an exchange of any shoe of equal or lesser value. How excited was I?  Very, considering I find it hard spending extra on something for myself. This is a manifestation.

I changed my thinking and allowed for a alternate ending. The old version of myself would have believed she wasted the $70 and threw out the old shoes! Now that’s an alternate ending. That’s what this manifestation game is all about. Believing, deciding or expecting a different more pleasing possibility.

It’s something to do with everything being a possibility that’s up in the air, right now, suspended in the ether. The infinite possibilities that one decision can become, followed by the infinite possibilities of the next decision, and the one after that. We are people deciding our perceived futures by what we choose to decide moment to moment. It’s not only the big stuff either. Every little time you choose a color or what traffic will look like on the way to work. Those thoughts are weaving your reality  as you think them it’s laid out for you in real time.

Believe in beautiful infinite possibilities and they will become yours…

each infinite possibility creates the next..

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