Believe it and you will see it…explained!

You have heard this around the spiritual scene, I’m sure. If you’re human, you don’t understand it when you first see it either. My mind was so ungrounded I was thinking I have to believe something about something first, but I don’t know what they are telling me to believe in…! I giggle as I type that in this moment because I have evolved in my thinking so much since then.

You could also be thinking that you know and you believe something magical and miraculous can happen, and that it does happen time to time. Maybe you don’t know if you can make the jump into integrating into this kind of faith in your daily life just yet.  Well, this journey into The Wonderful begins with exactly that. A true leap of faith.

Before you go quitting your job or cliff diving with no experience expecting the Universe to support you. It doesn’t have to be a huge leap of faith. Start small in something you can trust and believe in. For example, maybe treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner somewhere you won’t allow yourself to go to because it feels just a bit too much for your budget. Do it once. Go by yourself. Treat yourself. Not only will the sky not start to fall above you, but you’ll pick up that extra money somewhere soon afterward. I swear to you, try it. It works like magic every time! It’s the Universe/God’s way of proving your worth to you.

Someone will buy you lunch out of the blue, you will find a $20 bill on the ground. You’ll go to the register and find out your shoes you need for work are on sale for exactly the amount you spent on the nice dinner out.

Welcome to quantum physics, my friend. The infinite flow of abundance from the Universe. If you believe what I am writing about right now, try to wrap your head around this one…What if you start to believe and say to yourself that I always have more and more and so much more money than I need? It takes some time for you to start believing it. You will think that you gave up believing it and right about that point, that miracle will pop out of nowhere. Then you will start to say,”did I really create this, on purpose????”

You will think for a minute it’s just a coincidence, but I went down that path the first few times something magical happened. I will tell you what happened when I did that too. I convinced myself that they were all coincidences and my mind followed that thought into a belief and then fun and exciting magical things stopped happening. I had shifted my thinking.

You can start to see these patterns once you look back and compare the patterns in your thinking to what manifests in daily life. I know looking back now, I can see exactly what I was thinking right before I manifested something in my life. Here’s how I do that. I think about something that happened in my past, like something bad. Then I think about what could have caused that to manifest, like what line of thinking. Then I go,”oh yeah. I was thinking that way then because my dad told me blah, blah, blah…” I’ll be damned if it doesn’t match up dead on with what my thoughts and beliefs were back then.

Don’t worry. That’s a bad waste of imagination, plus it manifests dis-ease in the body. You DO KNOW your body releases stress hormones every time you have a negative thought? Doctors know that. I mean they have been testing your stress levels for years. When they run tests on the body and everything comes back fine and the doctor tells you they can’t find anything wrong with you, it’s stress. Something is worrying you way, way too much.

Start believing and saying it aloud that you feel better even if it’s a black lie right now. Then you watch your body start to heal.

Let’s review: Stop worrying and start thinking and saying aloud that you feel better all the time and you’re healing more everyday. I mean it. Do it like your life depends on it because it does!!!! The body will heal itself if you allow it to. Quit telling it that it’s sick and that you’ll never get better or worst thing ever, that you are dying. It’s time to go to the next level of thinking and integrating this into reality. You CAN do this. I swear it.

The matrix is crumbling. The truth is here for the taking. Are you worth it to yourself???



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